UPDATE: Water Quality Alert at Alameda Point




September 13, 2017

12:15 pm




Sarah Henry, Public Information Officer

(510) 747-4714



UPDATE: Water Quality Alert at Alameda Point




Who is affected by this alert?

The water quality issues are isolated to Alameda Point due to the nature of the former Navy infrastructure. 268 residents and over 60 businesses are affected and each has been notified. This only affects areas west of Main Street. Any address other than those contained within Alameda Point are not affected by this advisory. Specifically, areas that are not affected include Coast Guard Housing, Bayport, Summer House Apartments, and Atlantic Apartments. The map below outlines the Alameda Point area in red:


What happened?

While field investigations are ongoing, it is likely that the source of the water quality issue is related to a cross-connection between a potable drinking water line and a non-potable irrigation line. Tests were taken at specific locations last night and we hope to have preliminary results of those tests by tomorrow morning. Additional testing is being done today that will confirm any initial results. The results of this additional testing may be available by the end of the week.


Additional information:

Please call our water alert hotline at (510) 747-7460.


Alameda Point residents and businesses:

While water quality is improving at Alameda Point, in an abundance of caution people should not drink the water, avoid bodily contact, and avoid allowing their pets to drink or bathe using water from the faucet.


Free bottled water is available for pick-up at the Alameda Point Collaborative, 677 W. Ranger Avenue, for affected residents and businesses. 


This drinking water alert will not be lifted until the Regional Water Quality Control Board deems the water safe for drinking and bodily contact. If people have health concerns, they should talk to their doctor.


Next Update

We will post updates with new information throughout the day, with a formal update at 3pm.