Pickleball - Drop In/Pick Up For Free!
Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:30 a.m.
Lincoln Park, 1450 High Street, Alameda

Equipment is available to borrow.  Please wear athletic shoes.


In Spring 2017, the courts were resurfaced  for the game of Pickleball and are locked to protect them from other uses.  To access the courts for Pickleball play, please enter the following code into the lock box, “rider”.  For assistance or additional information, contact Ed Kallas, Recreation Supervisor I, at 747-7511 or ekallas@alamedaca.gov.  

Questions?  Want to get on the "Pickleball Yahoo Group"?

Contact Ed Kallas, Recreation Services Specialist at

(510) 747-7511 or email him at: ekallas@alamedaca.gov


Drop-In Pickleball at Lincoln Park -- FREE 

Wednesdays & Saturdays

10:30 am - 12:00 noon

(Reserved for 50+ crowd!)

Looking for a way to have fun, meet new friends and improve your fitness level? If so, play the game that combines Ping Pong and tennis... Pickleball.  This game features small paddles, wiffle balls, low hanging nets and a court one quarter the size of tennis.  Loaner paddles available. For more information contact Ed Kallas, ARPD Supervisor I, at 510-747-7511 or ekallas@alamedaca.gov.    Visit www.youtube.com and search, "How to play Pickleball" or go to www.alamedapickleball.org for more information about the game.

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