Spend Local 2020 - Information for Business Owners

Prepare Now for the 2020 Holiday SeasonAC_SHOP_LOCAL_2021-02.png

Alameda retailers are headed into an unprecedented holiday season. Prepare now to make sure you can take full advantage of all that the holiday season has to offer.  We are here to help!  

City of Alameda Spend Local 2020 Campaign

The City of Alameda, in partnership with the Downtown, West and Greater Alameda Business Associations, and the Alameda Chamber of Commerce, launched a Spend Local campaign for the 2020 holiday season, that included:

  • Spend Local Marketing with web, print, and social media advertising encouraging shoppers to spend their money locally this holiday season.
  • Spend Local Giveaway goodie bags were given to participating businesses to distribute to customers. 
  • Visit & Shop Alameda Gift Cards for Alamedans to support participating local businesses. Click here for details and sign up.  
  • Communicate to customers, employees, and the community your commitment to public health and safety measures.  Follow best practices to provide a safe, sanitized shopping environment with rigorous social distancing protocols.
  • Sign Up for the "Visit & Shop Alameda eGift Card." This Alameda-only gift card is great way for businesses to increase visibility and customer base just in time for the holidays. Click here to learn more and sign up.
  • Determine how your customers can access your products…and let them know. Consider offering a range of shopping experiences for customers, and make sure these are clearly spelled out on your website and social media presence:
    • In-person: first come, first serve; by appointment
    • Remote: via your website; personal shopping via face time, email, or text
    • Delivery/Pick up: curb-side pick-up, same day delivery, mail delivery
  • Plan your social media posts and marketing emails for the busy holiday season.
  • Step up your customer service game. Make sure customers remember your business and recommend it to friends by offering free returns, gift wrapping, gifts with purchase and other special touches that put you on the map. 
  • Update or add your information to What’s Open Alameda. The What’s Open Alameda website allows businesses to share updated hours, shopping methods, safety measures, and any other information with a wide audience, free of charge.  Click here to list or update your business.
  • Sign up for the Spend Local Giveaway campaign. Click here to sign up for the giveaway by November 15.
  • Follow hashtag #SpendLocalAlameda and add it to your social media. We will be pushing out regular social media updates to promote Spend Local.  Follow #SpendLocalAlameda, share our posts, and add your own!
  • Sign up for the “Prepare Now for Holiday Shopping” webinar. This webinar will be held on Tuesday, November 10th at 6pm. Click here to sign up.
  • Invite your business neighbors to participate. This season, the more the merrier, means more than ever before!  Let’s show customers the wide variety of retailers right here in their own backyard.

The Spend Local Giveaway provided complimentary gift bags to local retailers to help them show their appreciation for customers this holiday season. Registration has closed.

Note that major chain retailers are excluded from this promotion.

The gift bags contain:

  • A machine washable and re-usable face mask with a filter insert pocket and an Alameda Strong logo
  • A keychain wet wipe container with 30 sanitary wet wipes
  • Hand sanitizer

Shop Local Gift Bag 1.jpg  

Instructions for distributing the gift bags:

  1. PROVIDE a free gift bag to any customer spending more than $50 at your business.
  2. THANK the customer for supporting Alameda businesses.  Shopping at local stores is a gift to the community. 
  3. SHARE with your customers that the contents of this bag are to help support a strong and safe community.
  4. MENTION the Alameda Strong campaign, a community relief fund to help local businesses, non-profit organizations, and renters with grants that will help them get through the pandemic.  Invite them to visit alamedastrong.org for more information or to further support the community.

Please contact the City of Alameda’s Community Development Department at 510-747-6890 if you need more gift bags or if you have any questions.  


  • Prepare Now for Holiday Shopping Webinar: Are you ready for the holidays? View this webinar to learn more about how to participate in Spend Local efforts, including the new "Visit + Shop Alameda" egift card, and to hear tips from local businesses on how to maximize your sales this holiday season. 

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