Lighting accounts for about 20% of your electric bill. Changing your lightbulbs from incandescent bulbs to LEDs (light emitting diodes) is a fast way to cut your energy bills. LEDs are more efficient than incandescents and last longer than incandescent bulbs. 


  • Save money: Using less energy on lighting will cut your utility bills. 

Where to begin: 

  • Check your light bulbs to see if they are energy efficient: One way to tell if your lightbulb is hot to the touch, if so it is incandescent and using lots of energy and is costing you lots of money. 
  • Switch incandescent bulbs to LEDs: LEDs use considerably less energy than incandescent bulbs. These bulbs use 75% energy and last 25 times loner than incandescent bulbs. 
  • Exterior lighting controls: If you have outdoor lighting, consider buying a motion sensor as well as timer for outdoor fixtures. This ensures that lights only turn on when needed, saving you energy.