Building Decarbonization

About the Equitable Building Decarbonization Plan

The Equitable Building Decarbonization Plan(PDF, 4MB) lays out the process for shifting natural gas use in existing buildings toward clean, energy efficient all-electric buildings in accordance with the City’s climate and equity goals. The plan provides a phased approach that includes new policies and programs, financing options, expanded rebates, and community education and outreach. The plan will align with other citywide efforts to create affordable, safe, healthy and resilient housing and prepare the City to leverage grants and funds as they become available. 

Plan Adoption

The plan was recommended for City Council adoption with edits by the Planning Board on September 12th and by the Public Utilities Board on September 19th. The Plan is tentatively scheduled for adoption by the City Council on December 6th (It was not heard on October 4th).

Electric New Buildings and Substantial Alterations Ordinance - 2022 Update

In 2021, the City Council passed the all-electric new buildings reach code. To align with the 2022 California Building Code update, staff is updating the ordinance and proposing to include substantial alterations with certain exceptions.

2022 All-Electric Reach Code Overview(PDF, 3MB)

Public workshops held on April 27th and May 4th (Presentation(PDF, 2MB)) to provide input on the initial direction of the reach code update and on October 18th and 20th (Presentation(PDF, 3MB)) to review the final draft reach code. View the presentations:

The reach code will be reviewed at the following board meetings:

After public review, we expect to bring final draft ordinance to the City Council for approval on December 6th.

Meeting agendas and Zoom details

Mutli-Family Building Systems Survey

The City of Alameda conducted a survey in July 2022 to better understand barriers and opportunities for electrification and decarbonization of multi-family residential buildings in Alameda. This understanding will allow the City to provide better support for multifamily building owners and ease the process of decarbonization. The survey was sent to all building owners and managers in Alameda registered through the Alameda Rent Program. A total of 41 owners and managers responded to the survey and their answers and responses are summarized in the summary report.

Multi-Family Building Systems Survey - Summary Report(PDF, 2MB)

Visit the FAQ page for frequently asked questions about Alameda's Equitable Building Decarbonization Plan and the building decarbonization process.

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