Building Electrification

About the Plan 

The Equitable Building Decarbonization Plan (Plan) lays out the process for shifting natural gas use in existing buildings toward clean, energy efficient all-electric buildings in accordance with the City’s climate and equity goals. The Plan provides a phased approach that includes new policies and programs, financing options, expanded rebates, and community education and outreach. The Plan will align with other citywide efforts to create affordable, safe, healthy and resilient housing and prepare the City to leverage grants and funds as they become available. 

Review Our Draft Plan

The Draft Equitable Building Decarbonization Plan(PDF, 3MB) is available for public review and comment from July 13th - August 5th, 2022. 

Following this public review period, we will incorporate those comments and present the final draft plan to the Planning Board on September 12th and Public Utilities Board on September 19th.

An FAQ provides answers to frequently asked questions about the Plan and building decarbonization. 

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