Long-term Adaptation Plan

The purpose of the Long-term Adaptation Plan is to:

  • Protect shoreline communities adjacent to the San Leandro Bay and Oakland-Alameda Estuary from expected sea level and groundwater rise, liquefaction and extreme precipitation;
  • Enhance transportation and recreation corridors and bay access;
  • Reduce flood exposure;
  • Create or restore marsh, upland and transitional habitat with nature-based solutions;
  • Improve air quality;
  • Reduce climate risks to shoreline communities throughout the San Leandro operational landscape unit (OLU)(PDF, 125KB)
  • Detail key steps and actions to take as the shoreline changes, identifying trigger points and costs for each of the outlined pathways;
  • Use a decision-making process to ensure the voices of all stakeholders in the San Leandro Bay-Oakland Alameda Estuary Adaptation Working Group (Working Group) are heard; and
  • Include project coordination with sub-regional partners, sub-regional governance options and regional agency liaising.




  • September: Alameda City Council approval of the Climate Action and Resiliency Plan - link to staff report
  • November: Alameda voters passed the Water Quality and Flood Protection Fee on the ballot, which is used to operate and maintain a storm drain system, protect water quality, replace critical aging infrastructure, and prepare for sea level rise and the impacts of climate change


  • November: City Council accepted the report: “City of Alameda, The Response of the Shallow Groundwater Layer and Contaminants to Sea Level Rise”, which states that the areas at risk of future flooding increase by up to 25 percent when considering emergent groundwater - link to staff report


  • June: City Council adopted the Climate Adaptation and Hazard Mitigation Plan, which called out the need for a sub-regional Long-term Adaptation Plan - link to staff report and to Plan


  • June 6: City Council approved the Long-term Plan SFEP and NFWF federal grant funds and the adaptation project Community Partner - Greenbelt Alliance - link to staff report
  • September 5: City Council request to approve the Technical Consultants for the adaptation projects - link to staff report
  • Fall: Begin adaptation projects existing conditions analysis


  • Conduct community engagement
  • Complete the draft long-term plan for the San Leandro Bay/Oakland-Alameda Estuary sub-region


  • Seek approvals of the draft Long-term Adaptation Plan