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Employee benefits are administered by the Human Resources Department.

510-747-4900 | HR@alamedaca.gov
City Hall Room 290
Department Head: Nancy Bronstein

Benefits Breakdown by Labor Contract

2021 Benefits Matrix(PDF, 173KB)

Deferred Compensation

Deferred Compensation FAQ(PDF, 98KB)

The City offers employees three voluntary Deferred Compensation. The plans are administered by ICMA, Nationwide, and VOYA (CalPERS) in accordance with Section 457 of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Deferred Compensation Plan is a supplemental retirement plan option in addition to your City retirement plan. Participants of the program select a plan and a designated monthly amount to deduct from their paychecks. While you may stop your deductions at any time, you may not have access to the funds until you have separated from City employment.

Enrollment or changing forms are available at the Human Resources Department or by clicking on the links below. Participation is handled through payroll deductions on a pre-tax basis. A voluntary pre-tax contribution will allow a participant to reduce their taxable income for the year and all associated earnings are not subject to tax until withdrawn.

* All enrollment and change forms must be submitted to the Human Resources or Finance Payroll Division, for proper processing.

The IRS sets contribution limits. The limits for 2020 plan year are listed below. Should you have questions about the limits please contact your plan representative or the Human Resources office.

 2020 457(b) Contribution Limits  
2021 Elective
Contribution Limit

This dollar amount is the maximum contribution that can be made to an eligible 457(b) plan by a participant. Note:  contributions cannot exceed compensation nor the contribution limit.

"Age 50"
Contribution Limit

$6,000  This dollar amount applies to employees who are at least 50 years old or who will be 50 by the end of the calendar year and are eligible to contribute to a 457(b) plan.  This is in addition to the Elective Contribution Limit listed above.  The maximum contributed that can be made in the 2021 plan year using this prevision is $26,000.

This allows 457(b) plan participants to make additional contributions during the three years prior to, but no including the year in which they will reach normal retirement and is based upon the total amount of contributions that could have been made in prior years (with the same employer), but were not.  This amount is in addition to the Elective Contribution Limit but cannot be combined with the "Age 50" catch up limit.  The maximum contribution that can be made using this provision during the 2021 plan year is $39,000.



Plan Contact Information and Forms




Randi Carmen
(866) 620-6068
Kerry Avila
(925) 705-4669
Nancy Garrity
(888) 713-8244 ext 6




Click HERE

For Nationwide
Click HERE

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Enrollment Kit
Nationwide FORMS
Enrollment Kit

Enrollment Kit

Deferred Comp Change Form(PDF, 285KB)

All enrollment and change forms must be submitted to the Human Resources or Finance Payroll Division, for proper processing.

Health and Welfare

Health and Welfare The City of Alameda has contracted with the CalPERS’s Public Employee’s Medical and Hospital Care Act (PEMHCA) program, for the purpose of providing medical insurance benefits for all full time eligible employees and eligible retirees. The CalPERS Board of Administration administers the health benefits program and determines the benefit design, providers, and premiums. The City shall make a monthly contribution for each employee toward a Flexible Benefit Amount (FBA)(PDF, 448KB) as agreed to within the individual Bargaining Group’s Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) - City of Alameda Summary of Benefits by MOU(PDF, 173KB). In the event the City’s FBA is insufficient to pay the full medical premium required, a payroll deduction is taken from the employee’s earning to cover the different in cost, on a pre-tax basis.

View the 2021 City Contribution Amount(PDF, 173KB) (also known as Flexible Benefits Amount)

Health & Wellness Newsletter(PDF, 3MB)
Health & Wellness Newsletter(PDF, 918KB) - Spanish

Kaiser Permanente - Monthly Health Topics


If you are seeking to add a new eligible dependent to your medical plan, please note that you will be required to provide certified documentation confirming their eligibility. Please be prepared to present either a marriage or birth certificate of your dependents with your enrollment form. Health Enrollment Form (HBD12)

If you want to change your medical plan, please indicate the name of your new Health Plan in box #14 of the HBD12 Enrollment Form, and make sure you list all your eligible dependents (including yourself) in Section D box #15.

Health Insurance Waiver Form(PDF, 98KB)

2021 CalPERS Health Benefits Summary(PDF, 980KB)
CalPERS Program Guide(PDF, 608KB)

CalPERS Health Plan Rates
2021 CalPERS Health Plan Rates (Region 1)(PDF, 354KB)


The Vision Service Plan (VSP) is a voluntary benefit, fully paid by the employee except safety personnel who split the premium 50/50 with the City. Please review the Summary of Benefits provided below to learn more about your coverage and co-pays.

VSP Enrollment Form(PDF, 301KB)
VSP Benefits Summary(PDF, 816KB)



Dental enrollment is mandatory for all benefitted employees. This benefit is fully paid by the City of Alameda, and any eligible dependents can be enrolled or unenrolled during this season. Please review the Summary of Benefits provided below to learn more about your deductibles and services covered.

Delta Dental Enrollment Form(PDF, 92KB)
Delta Dental Benefits Summary (MISC)(PDF, 671KB)
Delta Dental Benefits Summary (SAFETY)(PDF, 696KB)


Discovery Benefits, Inc.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Enrollment in the Discovery Benefits Inc. (DBI) FSA Health Care Reimbursement and the Dependent Care program requires an annual election. This means you must submit a new form even if you are setting aside the same amount as previous years. Through this program, employees are allowed to set aside pre-tax funds in the amount of $5,000 per calendar year ($2,500 if parents are filing taxes separately) for eligible dependent care expenses, or up to the legal limit of $2,650 per calendar year, for eligible health care expenses. DBI will provide all participants a free debit card that can be used for health care expenses, in lieu of requesting reimbursements. A monthly administrative fee will be deducted, in addition to the annual election amount, in the amount of $4.00/month. See the benefits guide provided below, to determine if this is a voluntary benefit you want to elect.

FSA Enrollment Form(PDF, 65KB)
FSA Employee Handout(PDF, 3MB)

Online Resources(PDF, 148KB)

Transportation Savings Account (TSA)

Discovery Benefits Inc. will continue to provide a Transportation Savings Account (TSA), also commonly known as a Commuter Check Program. Employees interested in setting aside pre-tax funds for Parking or Mass Transit expenses, are encouraged to apply. There will be no Administrative Fee attached to this benefit.

TSA Enrollment Form(PDF, 122KB)
TSA Benefits Employee Handout(PDF, 821KB)
TSA Parking Summary(PDF, 114KB)

Employee Assistance Program

Not sure where to turn in a moment of crisis? The City of Alameda has contracted with MHN, industry-leading behavioral health company, to provide full-time City employees with an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), free of cost. From online information to confidential consultations with licensed behavioral health professionals, employees and qualifying members of their households have access to solution focused resources that will help reduce stress, strengthen relationships, increase productivity and improve the overall quality of life.

Some of the topics MHN can help with are:

  • Financial difficulties
  • Family or relationship problems
  • Conflicts at work
  • Depressions or anxiety
  • Quitting tobacco, alcohol or drug use
  • Child care of care for aging parents
  • Weight loss and health living

The City’s EAP program allows up to 10 counseling sessions for you and the qualifying members of your household, per occurance. Accessing these services is very simple and completely confidential. Call the program’s toll-free number to speak with a professional at 1-800-242-6220 or visit the online tool at members.mhn.com.

MHN Flyer

MHN Newsletter

Please contact the Human Resources Department with any questions regarding this benefit at (510) 747-4900 or via email at hr@alamedaca.gov.


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