Full Time New Hire Forms

1. Overview

Welcome to the City of Alameda! Click through the sections above to review, fill out, and return the documents to the Human Resources Department. If you have any questions, Human Resources is here to assist. (510)-747-4900.

2. Employment Forms

Below are new employee hire forms for you to review and fill out. Please bring these forms with you for your orientation along with the I-9 and SSA forms given to you with your offer letter. During your orientation, these forms as well as health benefits and City policies will be reviewed.

Employment Forms

3. Benefit Forms

The health enrollment forms are due as soon as possible. If you wish to enroll any dependents in health coverage, please bring your marriage certificate and any birth certificates (for dependent children).

The attachment includes how much the City will contribute towards your health premium and how much the health premiums will be depending on which health plan you choose. If the premium is less than the City contribution, then there is zero out-of-pocket cost towards your health premium. If the premium is greater than the City contribution then you will pay the difference towards your monthly premium.

If you wish NOT to enroll in health coverage with the City, then fill out the Health Insurance Waiver Form.

Benefit Forms:


4. City Policies

Attached below are City Policies and Procedures for you to review in detail. Human Resources will briefly go through them during your orientation.

City of Alameda - Policies and Procedures(PDF, 5MB)

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