Part-Time New Hire Forms

1. Overview

Welcome to the City of Alameda! Click through the sections above to review, fill out, and return the documents to the Human Resources Department. If you have any questions, Human Resources is here to assist. (510)-747-4900.

3. City Policies & Procedures

The policies listed below are included in the CITY POLICIES & PROCEDURES PACKET(PDF, 5MB) for you to review in detail. Human Resources will briefly go through them during your orientation.

1. Employee Conduct/Behavior Expectations
2. Policy Prohibiting Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation
3. DFEH Sexual Harassment Brochure
4. Rights of Victims of Domestic Violence (CA DIR)
5. Whistleblower Notice (CA DIR)
6. Drug Free Work Place Policy
7. Prohibiting Smoking in City Facilities
8. City Employee’s Responsibility to Respond
9. Proper Use of Technology-Based Systems and Tools Including Telecommunications
10. Injury and Illness Prevention Program
11. Notice of Privacy Practices
12. Employee Parking Policy
13. Vehicle and Equipment Use Maintenance Policy
14. Part Time Sick Leave Policy

5. Return to Human Resources

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