Street Trees

Trees connect people to nature even in an urbanized environment. Trees also provide shade, contribute fresh air, absorb carbon dioxide, and release oxygen. Trees block winds, slow erosion, provide sound barriers, and settle irritating particles in the air.

The City has 19,500 City street trees. To make the best use of our water resources, in February 2010, the City updated its Master Street Tree Plan Matrix, Master Street Tree Plan Matrix, Master Street Tree Plan Vol. 1(PDF, 7MB) and Master Street Tree Plan Vol. 2(PDF, 5MB) which was collaboratively developed over a three-year period with the assistance of a certified arborist, community volunteers and City staff.  This plan identifies specific species of trees to be planted within the City of Alameda.

Normally, there are three to four types of trees which are available to be planted in front of a particular residence. The City of Alameda's urban forest is given a high priority and it is the City's ultimate goal to have a tree planted at every identified site.

*See the Alameda Master Street Tree Plan Volume 1(PDF, 7MB) and Volume 2(PDF, 5MB) for a listing of replacement trees for your neighborhood.

Urgent Tree Removal

2142 Pacific Avenue, Notice(PDF, 106KB) & Report(PDF, 59KB)
1722 High Street, Notice(PDF, 114KB) & Report(PDF, 68KB)
1331 Caroline Street, Notice(PDF, 101KB) & Report(PDF, 62KB)
Marina Park Tree, Notice(PDF, 120KB)
Marina Park Tree (2nd), Notice(PDF, 106KB)
Marina Park Tree (3rd), Notice(PDF, 101KB)
1441 Eastshore Drive, Notice(PDF, 83KB) & Report(PDF, 154KB)
1004 Paru Street, Notice(PDF, 116KB)
571 Amber Isle, Notice(PDF, 162KB) & Report(PDF, 201KB)
1338 Regent Street, Notice(PDF, 115KB) & Report(PDF, 209KB)

Dead Trees Removals

1821 Chapin Street, Notice(PDF, 110KB) & Report(PDF, 59KB)
1000 Constitution Way (Median), Notice(PDF, 105KB) & Report(PDF, 55KB)
1700 Constitution Way (Median), Notice(PDF, 101KB) & Report(PDF, 52KB)
420 Central Avenue, Notice(PDF, 100KB) & Report(PDF, 50KB)
1835 Pacific Avenue, Notice(PDF, 118KB) & Report(PDF, 60KB)
2853 Van Buren Street, Notice(PDF, 105KB) & Report(PDF, 56KB)
1401 Central Avenue, Notice(PDF, 99KB) & Report(PDF, 49KB)
450 Pacific Avenue, Notice(PDF, 109KB) & Report(PDF, 52KB)
2629 Eagle Avenue, Notice(PDF, 113KB) & Report(PDF, 63KB)
2865 Santa Clara Avenue, Notice(PDF, 125KB) & Report(PDF, 73KB)
1533 Lafayette Street, Notice(PDF, 99KB) & Report(PDF, 52KB)
2444 Roosevelt Drive, Notice(PDF, 102KB) & Report(PDF, 52KB)
890 Willow Street (side), Notice(PDF, 87KB) & Report(PDF, 145KB)
2722 Washington Street (side), Notice(PDF, 87KB) & Report(PDF, 143KB)

Tree Removal

2115 Pacific Avenue, Notice(PDF, 104KB) & Report(PDF, 60KB)
37 Maitland Drive, Notice(PDF, 180KB) & Report(PDF, 215KB)
1334 Grove Street - Notice(PDF, 189KB)
2061 Challenger Drive - Notice(PDF, 157KB) & Report(PDF, 203KB)
8th & Haight Avenue - Notice(PDF, 87KB) & Report(PDF, 2MB)
2133 Tynan Avenue - Notice(PDF, 161KB) & Report(PDF, 238KB)
134 Nottingham Drive - Notice(PDF, 151KB) & Report(PDF, 117KB)
134 Nottingham Drive (2nd) - Notice(PDF, 93KB) & Report(PDF, 195KB)
140 Nottingham Drive - Notice(PDF, 95KB) & Report(PDF, 129KB)
2231 Pacific Avenue - Notice(PDF, 80KB) & Report(PDF, 188KB)