Climate Action and Resiliency Plan

In a collaboration between staff, community, and outside experts, we developed the Climate Action & Resiliency Plan (CARP). With City Council's adoption of the CARP in September 2019, we are now focused on implementation. If we are successful, we will reduce Alameda's greenhouse gas emissions, increase quality of life on the island, and build resilience to climate change impacts like increased flooding.

To realize our vision, it will take all of us working together. To learn more about local climate action and resiliency, explore the CARP dashboard. The dashboard offers a deeper dive on key areas such as Sea Level Rise, Transportation, and Energy. You can download a PDF copy of the CARP by clicking the image to the right, and can explore many plans and documents related to climate action and resiliency by opening the "Details" tab below. Additional resources for understanding key terms, what is a climate action plan, and how you can take action are available under the Resources tab.

The City of Alameda has been working on reducing greenhouse gas emissions since it released the Local Action Plan for Climate Protection in 2008. In 2017, the City expanded the focus of its climate program to include climate resilience, building on existing work in urban forestry, stormwater management, and local hazard mitigation.

Below is a list of adaptation projects that are in the CARP and are in process:

Below is a list of plans and reports detailing what the City has done and plans to do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions:

●     Local Action Plan for Climate Protection(PDF, 6MB) (2008)

●     Community-wide Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories for 2010(PDF, 3MB) and 2015(PDF, 1MB) (2013/2017)

●     Bicycle Master Plan(PDF, 7MB) (1999/2010)

●     Pedestrian Plan(PDF, 4MB)   (2009)

●     AMP Energy Efficiency Report (2016)

●     Zero Waste Implementation Plan(PDF, 2MB) and Update(PDF, 3MB) (2010/2018)

●     Transportation Choices Plan (2018)(PDF, 21MB)

●     AMP Strategic Plan (in progress)

●     Economic Development Plan (in progress)

The following list represents climate resilience work done for Alameda - some of it done by the City, some of it by regional governments

●     Storm Drain Master Plan and Update(PDF, 10MB) (2008/2017)

●     Alameda County Vulnerability and Risk Report (2012)

●     ABAG (region-wide report): Stronger Housing, Safer Communities (2012)

●     Alameda Point Master Infrastructure Plan(PDF, 28MB) (2014)

●     (PDF, 28MB)Oakland-Alameda Resilience Study (2016)  

●    Local Hazard Mitigation Plan(PDF, 13MB) (2016) 

*    Social Vulnerability Assessment - Appendix G of CARP(PDF, 847KB) (2019)



Wondering what a Climate Action Plan is anyway?  Read our Frequently Asked Questions(PDF, 257KB)

For a general overview and for a few sustainability tips, read our Climate Action and Resilience factsheet below:

English(PDF, 900KB)

Chinese(PDF, 994KB)

Spanish(PDF, 885KB)

Tagalog(PDF, 589KB)

Vietnamese(PDF, 491KB)

See our Glossary(PDF, 313KB) for definitions of key terms

Also check out a video explanation of the Climate Action Plan produced by Alameda high school students

And a video of Alameda high schoolers explaining why climate action is important to them