Alameda Counts is Alameda's effort to make sure everyone within Alameda is counted in Census 2020. The Census is a national count of all peoples residing within the United States (regardless of citizenship or immigration status) every 10 years. This information is vital for political representation, for receiving federal funding, and provides the government with information about changing demographics within the country.

The Census can be filled out online, by telephone, or by mail. Look for your letter requesting that you complete the census form by Census day on April 1st, 2020. If you wish to fill it out online, you will receive an invitation in the mail to do so on the US Census Bureau's 2020 Census Website (not this website).

The Census will be available in 13 different languages to try to include all peoples residing within the United States and make it accessible for everyone to be counted!

Your responses are 100% secure and safe, and will be used ONLY by the US Census Bureau to produce statistics. Your answers will not be used to determine your eligibility for government benefits. Personal census information cannot be disclosed for 72 years, including names, addresses, and telephone numbers. The Census Bureau will never ask for social security numbers, donations, political party affiliation, or credit card information.

Share the Census Video Guides - NOW available in the following languages (Videos for 46 more languages coming soon!)

o    English

o    Spanish

o    Cantonese 

o    Mandarin 

o    Vietnamese

o    Arabic

o    Korean

o    Tagalog

o    Russian


More information can be found at:

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