Implementation of a School Outreach Program

The City of Alameda (City) is requesting Proposals from qualified organizations to assist the City in the implementation of a school outreach program that promotes watershed awareness and stormwater pollution prevention, encourages anti-litter behavior by promoting proper waste disposal and fostering the use of reusable items among K-6 students in Alameda schools.

Proposal Due Date and Delivery

Proposals should be submitted in a digital format (Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF) clearly marked with the project name, and should be submitted no later than:

 2:00 p.m. on June 02, 2022

to the following email address: . All copies received by that time will be date and time stamped.  Proposals will not be accepted after this time. 

Faxed proposals will not be accepted. 

Proposed Selection and Project Schedule.

June 02, 2022  Proposals due by 2 p.m.
June 09, 2022  Selected proposer will be notified and agreement mailed/emailed.
June 12, 2022  Signed contract and insurance documents due to City.
July , 2022       Contract expected to be executed
July 1, 2022     Projected Start Date


  View and Download:

RFP Implementation of a School Outreach Program  Click here(PDF, 148KB)