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Upcoming Meeting: The FAA will be hosting a virtual public meeting on Tuesday, July 20, from 6-8pm and on Wednesday, July 21, from 1-3pm. Check back here for a registration link closer to the workshop dates. Topics include addressing the factors that impact the operation in and around 3 major airports and the Northern California airspace and other high-profile items including flight procedures.

The City of Alameda is located in close proximity to the Oakland International Airport (OAK) and is subject to frequent aircraft flyovers.  The community's location near the geographic center of the San Francisco Bay also means it is subject to air traffic from other airports in the Bay Area, including traffic to and from San Francisco International Airport. 

The Port of Oakland, who owns and operates OAK, manages the Airport Noise Office to handle environmental noise matters related to airport operations.  Alameda residents are encouraged to contact the Airport Noise Office regarding questions, concerns, and complaints about aircraft activity and safety.  Residents are also encouraged to subscribe to Community Advisories issued by the Port of Oakland for updates regarding airport activities that may affect air traffic above Alameda.  

Important Links and Resources:

Noise Complaint Hotline - 510-563-6463 (Airport Noise Office)

File a Noise Complaint with the Port of Oakland

Airport Noise Office Homepage

Airport Special Projects

Airport Noise FAQs

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Airport Noise Management Forum

The purpose of the Airport Noise Management Forum is to provide a public Forum to discuss, analyze and make recommendations to the Port of Oakland Executive Director about noise-related issues at Oakland International Airport. The Forum provides a mechanism to facilitate cooperation and maintain open lines of communication between the Airport and local communities, and includes a broad representation from the affected communities, airport users, the FAA, and the Port.