Business Associations & Improvement Areas


Alameda is home to a number of active and supportive business organizations, which can provide you with valuable local context, business connections, and assistance with marketing your business to the Alameda community.

Business Associations

  • Alameda Chamber of Commerce. The Alameda Chamber works to promote a strong local economy; represents and advocates on behalf of business; provides opportunities to build relationships; and delivers programs to help business grow.
  • Greater Alameda Business Association. The Greater Alameda Business Association, or GABA, is dedicated to the prosperity and growth of small business in Alameda.

Business Improvement Areas

  • Downtown Alameda Business Association. The Downtown Alameda Business Association, or DABA, serves as a support network and advocate for businesses operating in the Historic Park Street Business Improvement Area.
  • West Alameda Business Association.  The West Alameda Business Association, or WABA, is dedicated to supporting and promoting local businesses in West Alameda.

Business Improvement Areas are a type of assessment district used extensively throughout California. In Alameda, there are two BIAs, both formed in the 1990s -- one on the east end of town (Downtown Alameda Business Association), and one on the west end (West Alameda Business Association).

Each BIA area has a business association with an executive director and board that strive to promote a healthy retail/service climate as well as a district that is aesthetically pleasing and clean. Every year, the City Council re-adopts the BIAs and sets the levies (the percentage of retail sales that become "dues" for members).