Grand Street Safety Improvements and Pavement Resurfacing

Grand St base map_design.jpg

Status as of February 2024

On July 18, 2023, City Council approved a design for Grand Street for an uninterrupted two-way bikeway on the east side of the street from Shoreline Drive to Clement Avenue and allocated additional funds required for final design and construction from Shoreline Drive to Otis Drive (2024) and from Otis Drive to Encinal Avenue (2025).

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In 2021, the City identified Grand Street between Shore Line Drive and Encinal Avenue as a high priority for pavement and safety improvements. After community engagement in 2021 and 2022, the final approved design concept, shown in this concept plan(PDF, 5MB), was approved by the City Council on November 1, 2022 with these features:

  • Resurfacing of the street to improve ride quality for people biking and driving and reduce future maintenance needs 
  • Updated striping and signage
  • Improved curb ramps, curbs and gutters
  • High visibility crosswalks
  • Flashing beacons for pedestrians at Wood School and at the intersections of Grand Street/San Antonio Avenue and Grand/San Jose Avenue
  • Separated bike lanes from Shore Line Dr to Encinal Ave 
  • Enhanced bus stops by Shore Line Dr and Wood School
  • Narrower travel lanes to encourage slower vehicle speeds
  • Reduced on-street parking to accommodate safety features such as bus islands, separated bike lanes and high visibility crosswalks

At their 2022 meetings, Council directed staff to evaluate how to extend the improvements to the north, all the way to Clement Ave. And, in December 2022, Council adopted the Active Transportation Plan, which calls for separated bikeways along the full length of Grand Street. In early 2023, staff began its evaluation of the full corridor (Shore Line Dr to Clement Ave), and in Spring 2023, staff presented these findings to the community. In June, a staff recommendation was brought to the Transportation Commission, which will be carried forward to the City Council in July. 

Project Goals:


  • Construct two-way bikeway from Otis Drive to Encinal Avenue


  • Spring/Summer: Release construction bid for Shoreline Drive to Otis Drive
  • Fall/Winter: Construct two-way bikeway from Shoreline Drive to Otis Drive
  • Complete detailed design for Otis Drive to Encinal Avenue 


  • Jan-May: Study design alternatives for Grand St: Shoreline to Clement
  • May-June: Community engagement on new design alternatives
  • June 21: Transportation Commission Special Meeting to consider new design alternatives: Staff Report + Attachments
  • July 18: City Council to consider new design alternatives: Agenda / Staff Report + Attachments 
  • July-December: Finalize design concepts, for segments going to construction in 2024 (Shore Line Dr to Otis Dr, at a minimum)



• December 2021-January 2022: Community Engagement