The City of Alameda offers a variety of transportation services beyond AC Transit, BART, San Francisco Bay ferry and East Bay Paratransit (EBP) for those who are eligible, and uses Measures B/BB funds, which are from a one-cent sales tax for transportation, to support the below additional transportation programs for seniors and people with disabilities: Alameda Loop Shuttle, free AC Transit bus passes and group trips.

As of January 28, 2020, the City of Alameda terminated the Premium Taxi and Medical Return Trip Improvement Program (MRTIP) because the transportation vendor was unable to comply with the terms of the contract.  Furthermore, over the last several years, the taxi program level of service and reliability have continued to decrease while the costs of City subsidies have increased, resulting in higher per-ride costs.  The City will refund unexpired Taxi vouchers on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 or by appointment.

Free AC Transit Bus Passes: The City's Paratransit program provides free AC Transit bus passes to:

Mastick Senior Center members (NEW!): Alameda residents who are 65 years old or older and meet the low-income requirements - available on a first-come, first served basis.

Alameda Housing Authority residents at: Anne B. Diament, which started in 2019, and Independence Plaza, which is expected to begin in summer 2020.

Alameda Point Collaborative residents: who are seniors or people with disabilities and who meet the low-income requirements, which began in 2017.

Contact: For more information, please contact Mastick Senior Center at (510) 747-7513 or or come to the transportation office hours at Mastick Senior Center on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.



Mastick Monthly Trips

The City of Alameda financially assists with transportation expenses for the Mastick Senior Center monthly trip program. Travel destinations may include various Bay Area locations (i.e. San Francisco, Livermore, etc.). Sign up is on a first come, first served basis.

Eligibility requirements: Must be 50 years of age or older.

Cost: Trip fees range from $45 to $75, depending on trip amenities or class registration fees.
Contact: Please contact Mastick Senior Center at (510) 747-7506 for more information.

Leisure Club

The City of Alameda provides a van to pick up and return members of the Alameda Recreation & Park Department Leisure Club, a social recreation program offered twice a month for adults, 18 years or older, with developmental disabilities.

Eligibility requirements: Must be 18 years or older, with special needs.
Cost: Free.
Contact: Please contact the Alameda Recreation & Park Department at (510) 747-7529 for more information.

Crown Memorial Beach - Annual Skilled Nursing Facility Picnic

The City of Alameda subsidizes a portion of the transportation expense to Crown Memorial Beach for the Annual Skilled Nursing Facility Picnic.

Eligibility requirements: Must be a resident of a skilled nursing facility.
Cost: Free.
Contact: Please contact your nursing home for more information.