City Council in brief...

Following each City Council meeting, staff will post brief updates on agenda items. Click here to view City Council agendas, minutes, videos, and announcements.

June 18, 2019

Alameda declared June 2019 as Elder Abuse Awareness Month and June 15 as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, bringing attention to abuse prevention and resources.

Donna Hom and John Nolan were appointed to the Civil Service Board, Kathleen Kearney and Joyce McConeghey were reappointed as members of the Library Board, and Moustafa Aly, Sarah Lewis, and Johanna Paillet-Growl were appointed to the Social Service Human Relations Board.

The City Council received an update about the long-term pool replacement plan for Emma Hood Swim Center, which is closed for repairs until September 2019. The Council authorized of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Alameda Unified School District outlining that long-term plan as well as a potential agreement between the City and AUSD for the design and construction of a new City Aquatic Facility.

The City Council adopted the biennial budget for fiscal years 2019-20 and 2020-21, including the salary schedule and workforce changes.

The City Council approved the Prop 4 Appropriations Limit for fiscal year 2019-20, approved a resolution amending the master fee schedule (including no longer charging library late fees), and approved the collection of delinquent integrated waste management accounts via property tax bills.

The City Council denied a lease for space at Alameda Point to Nautilus Data Technologies, a data center using water cooling technology. Concerns were raised about unknown possible impacts to the environment, including the impact from water discharging into the Bay at a warmer temperature, algae blooms, and impacts to local species including harbor seals, lease turns, dolphins, fish, and the food available to marine life. 

The City Council heard nominations for appointment to the Planning Board, Public Art Commission, Public Utilities Board, Recreation & Parks Commission, and the Social Service Human Relations Board. Those nominations will be voted on at the next meeting. 

June 4, 2019
The City Council proclaimed June 2019 as LGBTQ Pride Month in Alameda and is proud to recognize the contributions of our community members who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and/or questioning to the arts, local businesses, schools, government, community organizations, and religious institutions. 

The City Council voted 4-1 on the final passage of an amendment that eliminates “No Cause” (notice to vacate) as a grounds for eviction from Rent Stabilization Ordinance 3148.

Ron Carlson, Claire Loud, and Peter Pizzino were appointed to the Golf Commission.

The Otis Drive Traffic Calming and Safety Improvement Project was presented with the goal to improve safety for all users by reducing speeds, increasing pedestrian and bike safety, improving bus stops, and installing green infrastructure. Otis Drive has been identified as one of the 14% most collision prone streets in the County. The City Council voted 4-1 approving the project, supporting the reduction to two lanes of travel (road diet) and Class 4 bike lanes along Rittler Park. The Council asked staff to take another look at Class 4 bike lanes from Willow to Westline on Otis, and they noted their support of a roundabout at Grant Street.

The business district around Park Street is part of the Island City Landscape and Lighting District. 219 businesses pay an annual assessment to maintain sidewalks, trim trees, and remove litter and graffiti. The amount of the assessment has been flat for over two decades and as a result services have been declining. Ballots to consider a more than 100% increase in the assessment were mailed to property owners. 90 ballots were counted, 48 in support, paying $35,204.86 in assessments, and 42 opposed, paying $35,038.79 in assessments. The increased assessment passed, and we will see an increase in service including sidewalk washing.

The City Council adopted a rate increase of 4.21% for integrated waste collection by Alameda County Industries (ACI), in line with the Bay Area CPI. For most Alameda subscribers, this will be around $1.50 per month.  

The City Council approved the Engineers Reports for the Island City Landscaping and Lighting District and the Maintenance Assessment District.

Recommendations were made to the Civil Service Board, the Library Board, and the Social Service Human Relations Board.

May 21, 2019
The City Council voted 4-1 passing an amendment that eliminates “No Cause” (notice to vacate) as a grounds for eviction from Rent Stabilization Ordinance 3148. The City considered a carve-out for small units or units that were owner-occupied, but voted to continue to treat all properties the same. The City is having a second community meeting on June 6, 2019, at the Elks Lodge to collect public input on additional potential amendments to the Ordinance, including the maximum allowable rent increase on multi-unit properties and single family homes, petition process for rent increase appeals, relocation assistance, rent registry, capital improvement plans, tenant buy-out agreements, and other issues.   

The City Council received a presentation and update on a new City aquatic facility. The City and AUSD are currently working together with the community to address immediate health and safety repairs at Emma Hood Swim Center, located at Alameda High School, and implement a long-term plan for a new City aquatic facility, as required by the County. Next steps include repairs taking place this summer, identifying location and funding for a new facility with construction planned to begin by May 2022 if funding is confirmed.

The City Manager reported that the City recently mailed a survey to a random sample of Alamedans to get their feedback on a potential local ballot measure to protect our streets from flooding and ensure clean water for our beaches and the Bay. An online survey will be made publicly available in early June.

City staff will return to Council with next steps on options for a tax on Airbnb properties.

The Mayor nominated three people to the Golf Commission: Claire Loud, Ron Carlson, and Peter Pizzino.

The City declared May 2019 as Asian Pacific Heritage Month and Older Americans Month, and May 21, 2019, as Dine and Connect Day.