Share Feedback about a Police Officer

Did you want to share an interaction that you had with a police officer? Help keep our officers accountable by sharing your feedback. Our department and officers appreciate positive feedback as well!



Gather your information

You’ll need different information depending on the type of feedback you want to share. For positive feedback, we will just need the name of the officer and what happened. For critical feedback, you will need to provide the following:

  • Details about yourself, the victim (if not you) and any witnesses.
  • A detailed description of the interaction you are sharing.
    • Date of interaction 
    • Location
    • Officer(s) name(s), badge number
    • Case Number (if applicable)

Submit your feedback

Share the details of your feedback with us by completing our feedback form 

Complete the online feedback form

We will review your feedback

We will pass positive feedback on to the officer directly and – potentially – share with the broader community. For critical feedback and concerns we will share with management and decide on a course of action. We will respond to you when our investigation is complete.