Request for Proposal for Commercial Streets Barricades

The City of Alameda (City) invites proposals for the Commercial Streets Barricades. 

The City is seeking qualified firms to supply and place the concrete barricades at the parklet locations once the new striping is in place. In addition, the intersection of High Street and Santa Clara Avenue has temporary water-filled barricades that are to be replaced with concrete traffic control barricades.

Proposers shall submit their Proposal in a Portable Document File (PDF) format via email only to The subject of the email shall read “City of Alameda – Commercial Streets Barricades.” All proposals are due no later than 2:00 PM on September 14, 2023. Late proposals will not be considered.

Any Proposal received prior to September 14, 2023, 2:00 PM may be modified by written addendum or withdrawn by written request from the Proposer to the City up to the official time when all proposals are due. Section IV contains a complete list of proposal requirements.

Printed or electronic copies of the RFP may be obtained from BPX Printing & Graphics located at 4903 Central Avenue, Richmond, CA 94804. Electronic downloads are at no cost and printed sets will be charged printing costs by BP Express. Copies of the documents may be viewed and ordered at or by contacting BPX at (510) 559-8299 or at Please contact BPX for ordering or downloading questions. To ensure receipt of any subsequent communications (e.g., an Addenda), each prospective bidder is responsible for confirming that their firm appears on the BPX plan holders’ list. Proposers are responsible for obtaining any addenda to the RFP during the bid process.

Please direct any Project questions to Robert Vance at  Questions must be by written email and received by September 5, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.