Household Battery and Flourescent Lamp Collection and Drop Off


The City is requesting to obtain the services of an outside organization to help with City with Household Battery and Fluorescent Lamp Collection and Drop-off. The selected organization will provide the full range of services including collecting residentially-generated household batteries and fluorescent lamps from locations within jurisdictional limits:  10 battery collection sites, and 4 lamp collection sites.  The collected batteries and fluorescent lamps are to be weighed/counted, recorded, and then to be delivered to the Alameda County Household Hazardous Waste (AC HHW) facility in Oakland once per month, on a day to be designated by the AC HHW facility manager. 


One PDF copy of the proposal (including Exhibits A and B), all clearly marked with "Response to Request for Quotations: Household Battery and Fluorescent Lamp Collection and Drop off," should be submitted by email no later than:

2:00 pm on Thursday August 4, 2022

To Marc Green at It is the proposer’s responsibility to clearly identify the RFQ name in the email subject line “RFQ for
Household Battery and Fluorescent Lamp Collection Drop off.”  It is also the Proposer’s responsibility to acknowledge and respond to the automated response message from the City of Alameda so that the email is released from the City’s spam account. The City shall not be held liable for negligence on the Proposer’s part to confirm acknowledgement or failure to respond to the automated message. The time and date on the email, as received in the City’s general mailbox, will serve as the official received date and time stamp. Please allow sufficient time to submit and acknowledge the submittal of your proposal. Proposals with a time stamp after 2 p.m. will not be accepted.

Proposals received by facsimile, mail, or delivery will not be accepted. 

Any questions pertaining to this Request for Quotation shall be sent by Thursday July 21, 2022 by 2:00PM to Marc Green, Zero Waste Specialist, and cc’d to Angela Vincent,

Answers to RFQ questions, if any, will be posted online Thursday July 28, 2022 at:

There will be no interview process as part of this Request for Quotation.

View and Download:

Request for Quotation - Household Battery and Flourescent Lamp Collection and Drop-Off  Click here(PDF, 902KB)