Electric Panel and Watt Diet

Transitioning to electric appliances increases the power use in your home and could a trigger panel upgrade if the current electrical panel is close to capacity. Most older homes have 60-100 Amp panels while some newer homes have 200 Amps or higher. 

AMP provides a $2,500 rebate for electric panel upgrades if you also electrify two appliances. One installation must be a natural gas to electric conversion and the second must be an all-electric appliance. The installation of a Level 2 EV charger can satisfy the requirement for the all-electric appliance.

Upgrading to 200 Amps will ensure you have plenty of capacity for future electrification. With smart planning using the Watt Diet, electrification can also be achieved with a 100 Amp panel for most homes.

Watt diet for electrification with 100Amp electric panel

The Watt Diet flyer.jpg(PDF, 261KB)

Find more resources and information on the watt diet : Redwood Energy Watt Diet Calculator

Upgrading your electric panel

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