Electric Clothes Drying

graphic of clothes dryer


Clothes dryers might be one of the easiest appliances to switch to electric. Electric dryers include ventless heat pump dryers, condensing dryers, and all in one washer dryers. In fact, most homes already operate a electric resistance clothes dryer with a 240V outlet. If this is the case for your home, your dryer is already electric and you might want to consider prioritizing switching other gas appliances. Of course, with Alameda's great weather, hang drying your clothes is the most energy efficient method. 


  • Energy efficiency
    Ventless heat pump dryers and condensing dryers are more energy efficient than gas or electrical resistance dryers. Vented dryers take air from the room and exhaust warm air outside through a duct running through your wall or window. This process removes climate control air in your room and leaves a hole in the wall for air to escape. 
  • Convenience
    All in one washer dryer offers you the option to skip the additional step of loading your dryer. Ventless dryers don't need to punch a hole into the wall for the dryer vent, making them a popular option for renters. 


There are a few options for electric dryers suited for different situations. 

  • Ventless heat pump clothes dryer

    Heat pump dryers use a heat pump to extract heat from the air in the room and use it for clothes drying. This is currently a less common option in the market. This may require installing a new 240V outlet.

  • Ventless condensing dryer

    Condensing dryers use a resistive heating element to heat up the air for moisture removal. The hot damp air then passes through cooler air and water condensation is collected or drained. This may require installing a new 240V outlet.

  • All in one washer dryer

    Combining washer and dryer into the same machine is great for saving space. Since it can run with a 120V outlet and is ventless, it is a great option for renters. This is also a great option if you are looking to avoid a panel upgrade.