Sustainable Home: Energy Efficiency and Building Electrification

For more information about the City's building decarbonization initiatives, visit

What is building decarbonization? 

Building decarbonization is the process of shifting natural gas use in existing buildings toward clean, energy efficient all-electric buildings. With Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) now providing 100% clean electricity, Alameda's greenhouse gas emissions in homes comes from natural gas consumption. Energy efficiency and building electrification lead to healthier, safe, and more resilient homes.

Building decarbonization is a three step process:

1. Decarbonize the grid. This is done! AMP provides 100% carbon free electricity to all customers.

2. Reducing building energy use

3. Electrify building appliances, including water heaters, furnaces, stoves and dryers

How can I get started?

Learn about incentives at

You can click here to view which incentives are available to your household through rebates and federal tax credits courtesy of Currently, there are rebates for electrifying your water heater, space heater, dryer, electric panel, and more!

To view income-qualified programs intended to help households electrify, click here

Find a contractor

You can find local contractor's by using this tool provided by The tool allows you to use several filters in your search such as type of service, property type, languages spoken, and more. Once you find a contractor that fits your needs, you can request a quote directly on the website. 

Obtain a building permit

Before starting work on your electrification project, make sure to apply for the required permitting through the City of Alameda. Follow this link to get started on the application process

Permits are required for the following upgrades: water heaters, heat pump air conditioners and furnaces, electric ranges, heat pump dryers, EV chargers, window replacements, subpanels, hot tubs, general electrical upgrades and repairs, as well as other items.

Earn lower electricity rate with space heating

Great news! If you replace your heating system with a heat pump space heater, you will receive a lower-monthly kWh rate from AMP for your entire household. You can see the difference in rates here

You can feel confident knowing a conversion to electric appliances is helping fight climate change as AMP now provides Alameda residents with 100 percent clean green energy at a lower cost than PG&E.