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Welcome to the City of Alameda Permit Center

NEW: FEMA SUSPENDS REVIEW OF CLOMR-F AND LOMR-F APPLICATIONS Effective July 1, 2023, FEMA will temporarily suspend processing applications for Letters of Map Revision based on Fill (LOMR-Fs) and Conditional Letters of map Revision based on Fill (CLOMR-Fs) in the City of Alameda. Click here more information.

DELAY ALERT : Due to a high permit volume, the Permit Center is temporarily 3 weeks out in processing. Thank you for your patience.

FRAUD ALERT : Beware of scammers who pretend to be calling you from the City. They may say they are inspectors or work at the permit center -- and that if you don’t give them your credit card number, something bad will happen. But this is a scam. The City does not ask for credit card information over the phone. If you aren’t sure, always hang up and call us directly at 510-747-6800. Thank you!

Residential Solar Application – SolarAPP+

Please click on the appropriate permit application button to apply:

 Simple Online Residential Permit Applications
(plans not required)
ACA (listing the following options):

  • Permits Step by Step Instructions(PDF, 128KB)
  • Like for like bath remodels
  • Like for like kitchen remodels
  • Electrical service meter main (225amp maximum)
  • Electrical upgrades and repairs
  • Subpanels, hot tubs, electric ranges, heat pump dryers
  • EV chargers
  • Plumbing upgrades and repairs
  • Water services
  • Water heaters (tankless – tanked – heat pump)
  • Earthquake valves
  • Heat pumps (mini-splits), air conditioners and furnaces
  • Window replacements
  • Siding repairs and replacements
  • Re-roofs

Planning Zoning Applications

  • Design Review
  • Use Permit
  • Zoning Compliance Determinations
  • Other Planning & Zoning Information

All Other Permit Applications Apply Here - Camino Portal