Urban Forest Plan

UFP logo.png Trees provide numerous benefits in an urban environment and create a sense of community. Along with providing shade, saving energy, and improving air quality and public health, trees mitigate climate change, reduce stormwater runoff, increase property values, and create wildlife habitats. For these reasons and more, the City of Alameda is developing its Urban Forest Plan, which will update the City’s existing street tree plan and expand the scope to include park trees, trees in easement areas, trees near power lines that are maintained by Alameda Municipal Power and trees on private and other non-City of Alameda properties.

The City’s Urban Forest Plan is intended to be strategic in advancing social equity and contributing to an improved quality of life by providing the benefits of the urban tree canopy to all community members, which includes improvement of overall emotional, psychological and physical health. An updated and expanded Urban Forest Plan was identified as a high priority action in the City's 2019 Climate Action and Resiliency Plan. This newly updated Plan will guide the City’s operations and activities to expand and maintain the tree canopy for the next 10 years.

  1. Update the previous Master Street Tree Plan to include park trees and promote an increase in the overall canopy, including trees not managed by the city.
    1. Thus, Alameda’s Street tree plan will become the Urban Forest Plan. (The 2010 Master Street Tree Plan can be downloaded here.)
  2. Develop a forward-focused plan and policies based on the needs of the City.
    1. The newly updated Urban Forest Plan will guide the City’s operations and activities, including expanding and maintaining the tree canopy, for the next 10 years.
  3. Review the structure and funding of urban forest management.
    1. The City currently employs one full-time arborist within the Public Works Department for tree planting, removal, and maintenance. The Plan will propose future staffing and contracts, effective organizational structures, and recommend funding tools for a proactive Urban Forest Program.

October 2022

January 2023

  • January 21 | Pop Up Event: Bohol Circle Immigrant Park Opening
  • Online Survey Opens


  • February 4 | Pop Up Event: Storytelling and Drumming Festival


  • Online Survey Closes


  • April 15 | Pop Up Event: Spring Shindig and Tree Sapling Giveaway


  • May 20 | Urban Forest Summit: Upper Washington Park Recreation Center 9:30-11am

October- November

  • Public Review Draft comment period
  • Public Outreach Events


  • Final Draft Urban Forest Master Plan presented to Board and Commissions with community feedback incorporated

January 2024

  • City Council review and adoption


Join us May 20th at the Upper Washington Park Recreation Center for an Urban Forest Summit to learn about the Urban Forest Plan and help us determine the community's priorities for the urban forest. Register to attend this free event at bit.ly/AlamedaUCFSummit. Walk ups are welcome as well!


Stay tuned for more ways to get involved and be sure to sign up for Urban Forest Updates on the side of the page here.