Street Trees

Trees connect people to nature even in an urbanized environment. Trees also provide shade, contribute fresh air, absorb carbon dioxide, and release oxygen. Trees block winds, slow erosion, provide sound barriers, and settle irritating particles in the air.

The City has 19,500 City street trees. To make the best use of our water resources, in February 2010, the City updated its Master Street Tree Plan Matrix, Master Street Tree Plan Matrix, Master Street Tree Plan Vol. 1(PDF, 7MB) and Master Street Tree Plan Vol. 2(PDF, 5MB) which was collaboratively developed over a three-year period with the assistance of a certified arborist, community volunteers and City staff.  This plan identifies specific species of trees to be planted within the City of Alameda.

Normally, there are three to four types of trees which are available to be planted in front of a particular residence. The City of Alameda's urban forest is given a high priority and it is the City's ultimate goal to have a tree planted at every identified site.

*See the Alameda Master Street Tree Plan Volume 1(PDF, 7MB) and Volume 2(PDF, 5MB) for a listing of replacement trees for your neighborhood.

Urgent Tree Removal

1410 Harbor Bay Parkway, Notice(PDF, 431KB)  & Report(PDF, 267KB)

3305 Fernside Boulevard, Notice(PDF, 536KB) & Report(PDF, 202KB)

2414 Roosevelt Drive, Notice(PDF, 490KB) & Report(PDF, 301KB)

3208 Briggs Avenue, Notice(PDF, 419KB)  & Report(PDF, 160KB)

3276 Briggs Avenue, Notice(PDF, 408KB)  & Report(PDF, 134KB)

3244 Briggs Avenue, Notice(PDF, 391KB) & Report(PDF, 148KB)

64 Sea Bridge Way, Notice(PDF, 461KB) & Report(PDF, 177KB)

757 Limerick Lane, Notice(PDF, 462KB)  & Report(PDF, 307KB)

200 Orion Street, Notice(PDF, 234KB) & Report(PDF, 111KB)

3246 Thompson Avenue, Notice(PDF, 440KB) & Report(PDF, 284KB)

2019 Shoreline Drive, Notice(PDF, 465KB) & Report(PDF, 309KB)

933 Shoreline Drive, Notice(PDF, 466KB) & Report(PDF, 310KB)

600 Haight Avenue, Notice(PDF, 445KB) & Report(PDF, 197KB)

1229 Pearl Street, Notice(PDF, 467KB) & Report(PDF, 221KB)

1341 Pearl Street, Notice(PDF, 454KB) & Report(PDF, 177KB)

38 Killybegs Road, Notice(PDF, 453KB) & Report(PDF, 172KB)

2146 Buena Vista Avenue, Notice(PDF, 388KB) & Report(PDF, 234KB)

1201 Post Street (side), Notice(PDF, 463KB) & Report(PDF, 309KB)

1160 Bay Street, Notice(PDF, 507KB) & Report(PDF, 208KB)   

1250 East Shore Drive, Notice(PDF, 424KB)  & Report(PDF, 272KB)

2845 San Pedro Road, Notice(PDF, 469KB) & Report(PDF, 307KB)

233 Avington Road (side) Notice(PDF, 448KB)  & Report(PDF, 294KB)

2600 Lemoore Street, Notice(PDF, 116KB)  & Report(PDF, 70KB)

Dead Trees Removal

220 Aughinbaugh Way, Notice(PDF, 102KB) & Report(PDF, 37KB)

2950 Mecartney Median, Notice(PDF, 117KB)  & Report(PDF, 40KB)  

1837 Clinton Avenue, Notice(PDF, 113KB) & Report(PDF, 41KB)

2154 Buena Vista Avenue, Notice(PDF, 464KB) & Report(PDF, 214KB)

2121 Buena Vista Avenue, Notice(PDF, 434KB) & Report(PDF, 162KB)

2117 Buena Vista Avenue, Notice(PDF, 476KB) & Report(PDF, 174KB)

1722 High Street, Notice(PDF, 434KB) & Report(PDF, 161KB)

Shoreline Park / Marina Village Parkway (2nd), Notice(PDF, 496KB) & Report(PDF, 335KB)

Shoreline Park / Marina Village Parkway, Notice(PDF, 464KB) & Report(PDF, 304KB)

1030 Marina Village Parkway, Notice(PDF, 499KB) & Report(PDF, 339KB)

1537 Paru Street, Notice(PDF, 438KB) & Report(PDF, 227KB)

1529 Paru Street, Notice(PDF, 454KB) & Report(PDF, 226KB)

3266 Adams Street, Notice(PDF, 125KB) & Report(PDF, 41KB)

1538 Lafayette Street, Notice(PDF, 97KB) & Report(PDF, 34KB)

1538 Lafayette Street (2nd), Notice(PDF, 97KB) & Report(PDF, 34KB)

1301 Pearl Street, Notice(PDF, 100KB) & Report(PDF, 35KB)

1 Oyster Pond Road, Notice(PDF, 92KB) & Report(PDF, 33KB)

1818 Kofman Parkway, Notice(PDF, 421KB)  & Report(PDF, 152KB)  

1410 Harbor Bay Parkway (2nd), Notice(PDF, 458KB) & Report(PDF, 294KB)

1410 Harbor Bay Parkway, Notice(PDF, 431KB) & Report(PDF, 267KB)  

1000 Redline Avenue (2nd), Notice(PDF, 239KB) & Report(PDF, 110KB)

1000 Redline Avenue, Notice(PDF, 244KB)  & Report(PDF, 112KB)

815 Atlantic Avenue (4th), Notice(PDF, 438KB) & Report(PDF, 273KB)

815 Atlantic Avenue (3rd), Notice(PDF, 423KB) & Report(PDF, 258KB)

815 Atlantic Avenue (2nd), Notice(PDF, 445KB) & Report(PDF, 280KB)

815 Atlantic Avenue,  Notice(PDF, 460KB) & Report(PDF, 296KB)

2900 Adams Street (side), Notice(PDF, 441KB) & Report(PDF, 278KB)

1600 Dayton Avenue (side), Notice(PDF, 468KB) & Report(PDF, 305KB)

1728 Main Street (2nd), Notice(PDF, 520KB) & Report(PDF, 357KB)  

1728 Main Street, Notice(PDF, 509KB) & Report(PDF, 345KB)  

440 Lincoln Avenue, Notice(PDF, 394KB) & Report(PDF, 240KB)

2121 Encinal Avenue, Notice(PDF, 459KB) & Report(PDF, 305KB)

768 Eagle Avenue, Notice(PDF, 500KB) & Report(PDF, 330KB)

2995 Johnson Avenue, Notice(PDF, 452KB) & Report(PDF, 283KB)

320 Dublin Way (2nd), Notice(PDF, 514KB) & Report(PDF, 344KB)

320 Dublin Way, Notice(PDF, 488KB) & Report(PDF, 318KB)

1251 Park Avenue, Notice(PDF, 2MB)  & Report(PDF, 329KB)

1332 Mound Street, Notice(PDF, 438KB) & Report(PDF, 276KB)

200 Aughinbaugh Way, Notice(PDF, 406KB) & Report(PDF, 243KB)

2710 Robert Davey Jr. Dr., Notice(PDF, 67KB)  & Report(PDF, 39KB)

Tree Removal

2719 Calhoun Street, Notice(PDF, 368KB)  & Report(PDF, 231KB)