Street Trees

Trees connect people to nature even in an urbanized environment. Trees also provide shade, contribute fresh air, absorb carbon dioxide, and release oxygen. Trees block winds, slow erosion, provide sound barriers, and settle irritating particles in the air.

The City has 19,500 City street trees. To make the best use of our water resources, in February 2010, the City updated its Master Street Tree Plan Matrix, Master Street Tree Plan Matrix, Master Street Tree Plan Vol. 1(PDF, 7MB) and Master Street Tree Plan Vol. 2(PDF, 5MB) which was collaboratively developed over a three-year period with the assistance of a certified arborist, community volunteers and City staff.  This plan identifies specific species of trees to be planted within the City of Alameda.

Normally, there are three to four types of trees which are available to be planted in front of a particular residence. The City of Alameda's urban forest is given a high priority and it is the City's ultimate goal to have a tree planted at every identified site.

*See the Alameda Master Street Tree Plan Volume 1(PDF, 7MB) and Volume 2(PDF, 5MB) for a listing of replacement trees for your neighborhood.

Dead Trees Removals

1412 9th Street, Notice(PDF, 162KB)  & Report(PDF, 55KB)
1834 San Antonio Avenue, Notice(PDF, 105KB) & Report(PDF, 45KB)
1032 Court Street, Notice(PDF, 111KB)  & Report(PDF, 48KB)
2058 Central Avenue, Notice(PDF, 111KB)  & Report(PDF, 47KB)
2801 Central Avenue, Notice(PDF, 98KB)  & Report(PDF, 42KB)
1218 Oak Street, Notice(PDF, 110KB)  & Report(PDF, 46KB)
1401 Central Avenue, Notice(PDF, 99KB) & Report(PDF, 49KB)
412 Yorkshire Road, Notice(PDF, 120KB)  & Report(PDF, 49KB)
1901 Shoreline Drive, Notice(PDF, 103KB)  & Report(PDF, 46KB)


Tree Removal

1539 Fountain Street, Notice(PDF, 164KB)  & Report(PDF, 52KB)
2627 Otis Drive, Notice(PDF, 109KB)  & Report(PDF, 47KB)
Lincoln Park, 1450 High Street, Notice(PDF, 676KB)  & Report(PDF, 38MB)
Chochenyo Park, 2430 Encinal Avenue, Notice(PDF, 300KB)  & Report(PDF, 16MB)