Zero Waste Alameda


Alameda is very good at diverting waste from the landfill - but we can be better.

Public Works updated the Zero Waste Implementation Plan (ZWIP), and this effort is now known as the ZWIP Update ZWIP Update(PDF, 3MB) .  This updated plan was approved by City Council in July, 2018.

Brief summary: The ZWIP Udate(PDF, 3MB) assesses Alameda's current disposal data to discover just how close Alameda is to "Zero", and offers 5 ambitious strategies to get us to our goal.

  • Support zero waste culture in Alameda
  • Conduct targeted technical assistance with commercial and multi-family sectors
  • Create a food recovery program and enhance organics management
  • Update Alameda's construction and demolition debris (C&D) recycling ordinance and conduct outreach
  • Expand high diversion franchise agreement with waste hauler

If you're interested in any of the details, a copy of the final draft can be found here(PDF, 3MB) .

The Public Works Department originally developed the Zero Waste Implementation Plan (ZWIP)(PDF, 3MB) in 2010.