Open Government Commission


The Commission's role is to advise the City Council on appropriate ways in which to implement the Sunshine Ordinance. The Commission shall develop goals to ensure practical and timely implementation of the ordinance and propose amendments to the ordinance. The Commission is also responsible for hearing any Sunshine Ordinance complaints.

Each Councilmember selects one member to serve a term concurrent and linked with the service of the appointing Councilmember.

Members First Appointment     Current Term Expires
Serena Chen 01/05/2021  12/17/2024 
Chris Miley 01/17/2023  12/15/2026 
Klinton Miyao 01/17/2023 12/15/2026
Brenden Sullivan  03/21/2023 12/17/2024
Ruben Tilos 01/02/2019 12/15/2026

Meetings are held the first Monday of the month as needed at 7:00 p.m.

Commission Bylaws are available here(PDF, 176KB).

Click here to view all City meeting agendas, minutes, and videos.  Select Open Government Commission in the Search: drop down in the middle of the page under All Meetings as shown here:



The Sunshine Ordinance  is codified in the Municipal Code, Chapter II, Article VIII. Click here for an outline of the process and click here for the complaint form.

Pursuant to Alameda Municipal Code Section 2-93.2.c., Commission decisions on complaints brought pursuant to the Sunshine Ordinance are as follows:

Hearing Date(s) Complaint Type   Commission Decision
10/14/2015 Record Unfounded(PDF, 71KB)
11/14 & 12/17/2018   Meeting Upheld(PDF, 333KB)
2/4/2019 Meeting Upheld(PDF, 2MB)
7/23 & 12/18/2019 Record Upheld(PDF, 359KB)
3/1/2021 Meeting Unfounded(PDF, 12MB)
4/5/2021 Record Sustained(PDF, 196KB)
4/5/2021 Meeting Unfounded(PDF, 4MB)
11/1/2021 Meeting Denied(PDF, 216KB)
11/1/2021 Record Unfounded(PDF, 212KB)
12/6/2021 Record  Dismissed & Sustained(PDF, 253KB)
 5/2 & 5/18/2022 Record  Dismissed & Sustained(PDF, 377KB) 
 12/19/2022 Meeting  No Violation, Time Barred & Sustained(PDF, 276KB) 

To forward information to Commissioners, please email or contact: 

Lara Weisiger, City Clerk