Park and Webster Street Area Parking


Parking has moved back to the curb on Webster St and Park St! Please do not park your vehicle alongside parklets anymore, and do not stop at red curbs or block bike lanes, even briefly. For quick errands, look for new green short-term parking zones serving every block.

Managing parking in our busy commercial areas makes it easier and safer to access the areas, no matter how you get around. If you are able, consider walking, biking, or taking one of the many bus lines serving these areas.

Park St Area Parking

The Park Street area is served by the Civic Center Parking Garage, two City-run surface lots, and on-street metered parking. The Civic Center Parking Garage is the best choice for parking in this area, with plentiful parking at half the cost of nearby meters and lots. If you drive to the area, avoid circling for parking by coming straight to the garage.

Map showing locations of parking structure and two lots  

Civic Center Parking Garage

Located one block from Park Street and next to the historic Alameda Theatre, the parking garage is within a 10 minute walk of nearly all Park Street businesses. It features 341 parking spaces, electric vehicle charging, secure bike parking, and monthly permits. It has an elevator and accessible parking for people with disabilities. The City's 2023/2024 budget includes $1 million to improve this facility.

Location: 1416 Oak Street (map)

Hours and rate: Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Parking is half the cost of area meters at $0.75/hour from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Saturday, excluding holidays.

Parking validation: The Alameda Theatre offers movie attendees coupons for up to three hours of free parking during a future visit.

Payment instructions and more information: Parking Garage webpage

Park St Area Surface Lots

The City operates two surface parking lots in the Park Street area. Parking meters operate in these lots from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday - Saturday, excluding holidays, and both include accessible parking spaces for people with disabilities. Early morning street sweeping restrictions apply, so check signs at the entrances for days and times.

Park Avenue lot: Enter on Park Avenue between Central Avenue and Santa Clara Avenue (map).

Central Avenue Lot: Entrances on Central Avenue and Alameda Avenue between Oak Street and Park Street (map). This lot is often full and can be slow to navigate, so head straight to the Civic Center Parking Garage, which is only 350 feet away!

Webster St Area Parking

The City offers parking in one surface lot as well as on-street metered parking.

West End Lot: Accessible from both Santa Clara Avenue and Haight Avenue just east of Webster Street (map). Parking meters in this lot operate from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday - Saturday, excluding holidays. The Alameda Farmers’ Market takes place in the northern section of this lot on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. Early morning street sweeping restrictions also apply, so check signs at the entrances for days and times. The lot has disability parking spaces and carshare spaces.

 West End Lot location

Parking Meter Hours and Payment

To increase parking availability for visitors, many parking spaces in the Park and Webster Street areas are managed by parking meters and/or time limits. Always check signs and meters for time limits, payment requirements, and other restrictions.

Meters currently operate 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday - Saturday, excluding holidays. At this time, Park Street area rates are $1.50/hour and Webster Street area rates are $1.00/hour. Rates are subject to change incrementally, after public notice, to reach parking occupancy levels where one or two spaces are generally available per block. When meters are out of service, time limits still apply. 

Photo of a single-space parking meter in front of a restaurant

Monthly Parking Permits

The Civic Center Parking Garage offers monthly permits for parking on Levels 4 and 5. The current cost is $45/month for Monday-Saturday parking or $35/month for Monday-Friday parking. To purchase a permit, contact PCI, the City's parking garage management vendor, at or (415) 553-6883.

A limited supply of monthly parking permits for the City’s surface lots is available for local businesses only. To learn more about business permits in the Central Avenue and Park Avenue lots, contact the Downtown Alameda Business Association at (510) 523-1392. For permits in the West End lot, contact the West Alameda Business Association at (510) 523-5992.