Homelessness Initiatives and Efforts


1. Overview

The City of Alameda and its community partners are committed to addressing homelessness in our island city. Grassroots efforts are currently underway to support homeless individuals and families in Alameda. 

2. Programs & Initiatives

Collaboration Advancing Resources, Efforts, and Supports for Alameda's Homeless (CARES) is a collaboration of agencies working together to address homelessness in Alameda. Members include representatives from City departments, County Board of Supervisors, faith-based community, first responders, law enforcement, main street businesses, and nonprofit organizations. 

Coordinated Outreach Team is a subcommittee of CARES comprised of the Alameda Police and Fire, Building Futures with Women and Children, City of Alameda Community Development Department, and Operation Dignity that meet on a regular basis to coordinate efforts to help individual homeless clients who are especially vulnerable.   

Dine and Connect is a subcommittee of CARES led by Alameda's faith-based groups that organize monthly dinners(PDF, 138KB) for the homeless in order to connect them to services and resources and foster a sense of belonging by providing unhoused individuals and community volunteers an opportunity to meet.

Intensive Case Management is a program funded by the City of Alameda through a contract with Building Future with Women and Children that assesses the risks and needs of Alameda's homeless individuals, enrolls them in the County's Coordinated Entry System, and provides them a comprehensive array of services, including housing navigation, tailored to their needs.

Mobile Outreach is comprised of a team of outreach workers and a case manager funded by the City of Alameda through a contract with Operation Dignity that goes to encampments, parks, streets, or wherever homeless people are located and provides them with basic necessities (food, water, hygiene kits, raingear, etc.) to keep them safe while working on stabilizing their situation and helping them become self-sufficient.   

Sunsetting Homelessness in Alameda: Parking Meters for the Homeless Program is an initiative anticipated to be launched at the end of 2018 that raises funds to expand Alameda's intensive case management program for the homeless by allowing members of the community and local businesses to sponsor a meter or make a donation using one of the 20 strategically-placed and distinctly-marked parking meters throughout Alameda.

Website for Homeless Resources is an initiative expected to be launched in early 2019 that functions as a clearinghouse for homeless person, members of the public, service providers, and other concerned citizens to find information, resources, and supportive services to help Alameda's homeless population.

3. Reports & Publications

Click here(PDF, 3MB) to download Alameda Homelessness Report

Click here(PDF, 3MB) to download Homelessness Task Force Report Tools and Resources for Cities and Counties

5. Get Involved

It will take an entire city and the will, grit, and creativity of its people to respond to and resolve homelessness in Alameda. Small steps can lead to solutions, and we invite you to get involved! 

Donate - Funds and resources are needed to serve and support the homeless. Donate to organizations such as the Alameda Point CollaborativeBuilding Futures, and Operation Dignity and direct your donations to Alameda's homeless to keep them safe, connect them to services, and get them housed. Donations of toiletries, clothing, shoes, socks, underwear, and other items are also being collected by these organization for Alameda's homeless. 

Practice Compassion - Being homeless is not illegal. Unless a violation of the law is committed, police intervention is often not the best and most appropriate solution.  Show that you care by treating a homeless person the way you would want to be treated as a neighbor and resident of Alameda.    

Reach Out and Refer - Organizations serving the homeless in the City of Alameda are ready to help. A free, weekly laundry service(PDF, 112KB) is also offered by Building Futures to homeless clients.

Volunteer - Members of the community can get involved in a number of ways to end homelessness in our city. Call 510-747-6883 or e-mail abagtas@alamedaca.gov to find out about volunteer opportunities. 

6. Questions?

Contact Ana Bagtas at 510-747-6883 or abagtas@alamedaca.gov.