Administration Services - Alameda's Non-bonded Special Financing Dist.

The City of Alameda ("City") is requesting proposals from qualified firms for administration services for Alameda’s non-bonded Special Financing Districts: Landscape and Lighting District (LLAD) 84-2, Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) 01-01, and Community Facilities Districts (CFD) for Bayport 03-01, Alameda Landing 13-2, Marina Cove II 14-1, Alameda Point 17-1. The scope of services includes 1972 Act administration for the City’s Assessment Districts and annual levy submittal for all Districts.


The City is seeking annual administration services for Alameda’s non-bonded special financing districts to include the following:

1972 Act Administration Services for Assessment Districts (LLAD 84-2, MAD 01-01) including:

• Property owner database with current County Assessor information
• Budget preparation support including improvement cost analysis (historic/actual/projected changes)
• Assessment computation and rate analysis
• Engineer’s Report preparation including meeting with staff to review and approve draft and preparation of final Engineer’s Report
• Legal noticing and resolution preparation and coordination related to public meetings/hearings, including coordination with City’s      legal counsel
• Public hearing attendance
• Levy submittal
• Data management, including annual parcel change data updates

Administration Services for Non-Bonded Community Facility Districts (CFDs 03-01, 13-2, 14-1, 17-1) including:

• Data collection and parcel database maintenance including building permit and county assessor information necessary to the 
  Rate and Method of Apportionment
• Administrative cost recovery identification/updates
• Special Tax Requirement calculation
• Levy calculation, submittal and preparation of Special Tax Levy Report
• Additional reporting and preparation of Notice of Special Tax Disclosure as needed, proposer will prepare all required reporting
  for  each CFD and respond to requests for Notice of Special Tax Disclosure
• Meeting attendance including City Council meetings as needed

The City also requires as needed consulting support related to the Districts and collection of assessments and taxes. Proposers shall provide a number for use by staff and property owners. The City desires bilingual support for non-English speakers.

Proposers must submit a proposal that includes a work plan and cost estimate for the corresponding administration services tasks for each District as further detailed below. Proposer may include cost estimate(s) for any additional proposed tasks not outlined in this scope. If you have any questions, please contact:

Liz Acord
Public Works Department
Alameda, CA 94501


The Proposal, clearly marked with the project name “Administration Services for Alameda’s Non-bonded Special Financing Districts”, should be submitted by email no later than:

5:00 p.m. on October 14, 2023

Attention to Liz Acord at the email address below. All Proposals will be considered submitted at the time date and time noted in the email transmittal. Proposals will not be accepted after the time noted above. Proposals should be addressed to:

Public Works Department
ATTN: Liz Acord

Faxed, mailed or hand carried Proposals will not be accepted. Any questions pertaining to this Request for Proposal shall be sent by October 9, 2023 at 5:00 Liz Acord, and cc’d to Jeanette Navarro, Answers to questions, if any, will be posted online October 11, 2023 at:

Download a PDF of this RFP here(PDF, 148KB).