FY 2020-23 On-Call Striping and Signage Contract


The City of Alameda invites sealed bids for a contract for construction of the “Project” entitled: FY 2020-23 ON-CALL STRIPING AND SIGNAGE CONTRACT, PW 02-20-08

The contract will be used on an as needed basis, and in general, involves work related to pavement markings and traffic signage – including, but no limited to, pavement striping, pavement marking, sign and pole work, traffic control, placement of temporary no parking signs, and other associated work.  The contract may be extended for one year up to two times.

1.  Bid Submittal, Withdrawal, Irrevocability: Bids must be submitted on the bid forms supplied by the City.  Bids must be received at:  City of Alameda, Public Works Department, City Hall West, 950 West Mall Square, Room 110, Alameda, CA  94501, no later than August 19, 2020 at 2:30 p.m.

Bids received after the time set for bid opening will not be considered.  Bidders are solely responsible for the cost of preparing their bids. No bidder may withdraw its bid for a period 60 days after the date set for bid opening, except pursuant to Public Contract Code Section 5101 et seq.

Due to the nature of this on-call contract, complexity of bids, and lack of bid total amount, it is not practical to open the bids and read them aloud.  City will review all submittals and award the contract within 90 days of the Bid Due Date.

2.  Cost Estimate:  The contract amount for FY 2020-23 is $150,000 per year. If agreed, the City and Contractor may choose to extend the contract for one year, up to two times.  The contract amount of each one year extension will be $150,000.  The usages of the services are on an as-needed basis, so if the demand is not there, then the services will not be requested.  These is no guarantee for work. Unless approved in writing by the Contractor, the minimum amount of on-call work for each set of requested work shall not be less than $10,000. In the event that the requested work is less than $10,000, the contractor will be paid the cost of the work, plus fifteen percent (15%). 

3.  Inquiries:  If any Bidder has questions regarding this Project, contact the Project Manager:  Alan Ta, Assistant Engineer at ata@alamedaca.gov.  Bidder shall submit any questions addressing the interpretation or clarification of the Contract Documents in writing.

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 RFP - FY 2020-23 On-Call Striping and Signage Contract Click here(PDF, 2MB)

Attachment - Pedestrian and Traffic Control Plan (PTCP) Package Click here(PDF, 4MB)

Addendum No. 1 - Click here(PDF, 59KB)