Generator Maintenance & Repair Services (Various Locations)

The City of Alameda invites proposals for Generator Maintenance & Repair Services (Various Locations).
Proposers shall read the information contained in this Request for Proposal (RFP) to understand how to submit the proposal, what documents must accompany the proposal and what legal obligations apply when the Proposer submits a proposal. Any Proposer that wishes to be considered for this work must submit the information requested in this RFP and if invited, participate in an evaluation interview panel.


The scope of this contract is to provide routine, preventive, and emergency maintenance and repairs to the City of Alameda’s 33 generators at different locations throughout the city. The contractor will be responsible for furnishing any and all necessary parts, labor, machine shop work, field work, shop and field welding, miscellaneous repair, travel time, expenses, and equipment necessary to do the work required.

Proposers shall submit a Portable Document File (PDF) proposal via email only with the following in the subject line of that email: “City of Alameda – Generator Maintenance & Repair Services (Various Locations)”. Proposals shall be submitted to:

Jay Reed, Facilities Project Manager

Proposals may be received by 2:00 PM on March 28, 2024. Late proposals will not be considered. The City assumes no responsibility for delays caused by delivery service. Postmarking by the due date will not substitute for actual receipt. Any Proposal received prior to March 28, 2024 may be modified by written addendum or withdrawn by written request from the Proposer to the City up to the official time when all proposals are due. Section VI contains a complete list of proposal requirements.

Anticipated Schedule for Selection:

Issuance of Request for Proposals: March 8, 2024

Deadline to submit Questions: March 19, 2024

Deadline to submit Proposals: March 28, 2024, 2:00 PM

Interviews (if deemed required): Week of March 31, 2024

Contract Award (Anticipated): May 2024

Proposers are solely responsible for determining if any addenda have been issued. Addenda will be published on this same website.

Please direct any Project questions to Jay Reed, Questions must be by written email and received by March 19, 2024.

View and Download RFP here(PDF, 934KB)

Addendum No. 1 click here(PDF, 327KB)