Request for BID for City Police Zero Motorcycle

The City of Alameda is seeking to obtain bids for one police Zero motorcycle. Bids for this purchase must meet specifications while following all procurement laws and appropriate competitive bidding processes.

The Proposer shall provide a detailed quote itemizing and demonstrating Proposer’s ability to meet the motorcycle and up fitting specifications contained in Exhibit A.  Quote shall be on dealer letterhead and signed by the sales manager or their designee.

Proposers shall submit via email an electronic bid in Portable Document File (PDF) format only.  Bids must have the email subjectCity of AlamedaCity Zero Motorcycle Bid”.  Proposals shall be submitted to:

Carlo Balboni, Fleet Supervisor

Bids may be received by 2 PM on June 12, 2023. Late bids will not be considered.  The City assumes no responsibility for delays caused by delivery service. Any Bid received prior to 2 PM on June 12, 2023 may be modified by written addendum or withdrawn by written request from the Proposer to the City up to the official time when all bids are due.

Please direct any questions to Carlo Balboni, Fleet Services Supervisor at (510) 384-9021 or  Questions must be received by June 8, 2023.

Download a PDF of this RFB here(PDF, 153KB)