Park and Kitty Hawk Storm Drain Outfall Improvements, No.P.W. 07-20-35

The City of Alameda is soliciting bids for Park and Kitty Hawk Storm Outfall Improvements, No. P.W. 07-20-35. The project consists of furnishing all labor, tools, equipment, certain materials, except as herein specified and doing all work associated with removing and installing storm drain overflow outlet, rip rap, tide back flow values, cured in-place pipe (CIPP) liner, street patch, WPCP, traffic controls and all other associated work to complete the project at the locations designated in the plans.

The Engineer’s construction cost estimate is $175,000.

All Contractors must have an "A" license or a "C" license that allows them to complete the work specified herein, in a professional manner consistent with these specifications."


Paper copies of the Plans and Specifications can be obtained from BPXpress Reprographics located at 4903 Central Avenue, Richmond, CA 94804 for a non-refundable cost of $35.00 per set. Shipping and handling are extra, depending on the delivery method. Electronic copies of the documents are also available for a non-refundable cost of $20.00 per set.  Copies of the documents can be viewed and ordered at They can also be ordered by contacting BPXpress Reprographics by phone at (510) 559-8299 or by email at For any questions about ordering or downloading process, please contact BPXpress.  It is the responsibility of each prospective bidder to confirm his/her firm is on the plan holders list held at BPXpress to ensure receipt of any subsequent communications, such as Addenda.


The bid opening date is September 9, 2020.  All bids are due no later than 2 p.m. to the Public Works Department, City Hall West, 950 W. Mall Square, Room 110, Alameda, CA 94501. All bids shall be submitted in sealed envelopes and marked on the outside as follows “Park and Kitty Hawk Storm Outfall Improvements, No. P.W. 07-20-35.”  Any bids received after the scheduled closing date and time for receipt of bids shall be returned unopened.  A face covering is required to enter the building.

The bid opening time is 2:01 p.m. 

All questions related to this project, prior to opening bids, shall be prepared in writing and transmitted to the attention of Erin Smith, Deputy Public Works Director, by email only at No inquiries will be accepted three business days prior to the bid opening dates as this would not allow time to respond to all plan holders.