RFP for Storm Drain Cleaning, Assessment and Trenchless Repairs



The City of Alameda (City) invites proposals for the Storm Drain Cleaning, Assessment, and Trenchless Repairs. 

As part of the City’s long-term programmatic storm drain asset management plan, this project is intended to update asset data for storm drain pipes and drainage structures as well as provide baseline cleaning/inspection services so the City can establish a system-wide cleaning/inspection plan.  The City is issuing this RFP with the specific intent of partnering with a firm that will assist the City in achieving the following minimum outcomes. The Proposer shall provide a response describing how they expect to achieve these outcomes, and is also encouraged to suggest alternate methods, services, or technologies that will provide the City with additional value. 

Proposers shall submit their Proposal in a Portable Document File (PDF) format via email only to zpetit@alamedaca.gov.  The subject of the email shall readCity of Alameda –Storm Drain Cleaning, Assessment, and Trenchless Repairs”.  All proposals are due no later than 2:00 PM on June 2, 2023.  Late proposals will not be considered.

Any Proposal received prior to June 2, 2023, 2:00 PM may be modified by written addendum or withdrawn by written request from the Proposer to the City up to the official time when all proposals are due.  Section V contains a complete list of proposal requirements. 

The City has designated the following activities and dates as key to the project schedule. Proposers are encouraged to assist the City in adhering to this timeline. The City reserves the right to change the schedule at its own discretion. 

Anticipated Schedule for Selection

Issuance of Request for Proposals:


May 9, 2023

Deadline for RFP Questions


May 22, 2023

Deadline to submit Proposals:


June 2, 2023

Interviews (if deemed required):


June 14, 2023

Contract Award (Anticipated):


July 5, 2023


Proposers shall submit questions regarding the RFP to Zach Petit, Public Works Project Manager at zpetit@alamedaca.gov.   

Download RFP here(PDF, 4MB)