Slurry & Cape Seal Pavement Mgm't Project, PW 03-20-17

The City of Alameda is soliciting bids for the 2020 Pavement Management Project, Phase 39, Slurry and Cape Seal, Contract P.W. No. 03-20-17.  The project includes but is not limited to the following work: type II slurry seal, asphalt rubber chip seal, signage, striping and pavement markings replacement, and traffic control.

 There is NO prebid meeting.

The bid opening date is May 28, 2020.  All bids are due no later than 2:00 p.m. to the City of Alameda, Public Works Department, 950 West Mall Square, Room 110, Alameda.  The bid opening time is 2:01 p.m. 

The plans and specification for this project have been put into six separate PDF's for ease of opening and downloading information as follows:

1.  Specification, Slurry and Cape Seal (General Requirements and Special Provisions)(PDF, 693KB) ; pages 1 to 69
2.  Exhibit A, Bid Documents and Exhibit B, Sample Contractor Agreement(PDF, 422KB) ; pages 70 to 106
3.  Technical Requirements(PDF, 367KB) ; pages 107 to 156
4.  Attachments(PDF, 2MB) ; pages 157 to 175
5.  Project Plans (Drawings)(PDF, 47MB) ; (11 pages)
6.  Additional Red Curb Painting(PDF, 2MB) (15 pages)

VIEW/DOWNLOAD ADDENDUM NO. 1(PDF, 167KB) Issued, May 26, 2020

For technical questions and information contact Alan Ta, Assistant Engineer at 510-747-7946 or