Making Alameda Accessible

Veterans Memorial Buidling Ramp The City is committed to providing equal access for all and recognizes that access is not just a civil right, it is a social responsibility to uphold. The draft Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Self Evaluation and Transition Plan(PDF, 8MB)

  • Describes how policies, programs, and facilities were evaluated for compliance with the ADA
  • Presents the findings of the City's evaluation
  • Documents public input and engagement in setting priorities
  • Provides phased approach to addressing identified accessibility barriers

The City welcomed comment and input on the draft plan through May 24, 2024. The final plan will be brought to the Commission on Persons with Disabilities June 5, 2024 for endorsement and do City Council for approval June 18, 2024. If you need the draft plan in an alternative format or need an accomodation to be able to submit input, please contact Erin Smith by email at or by phone at 510-747-7930 or in person at 950 W Mall Square, Suite 110 in Alameda, CA 94501. Note in person requires a scheduled appointment. 

Review the draft plan

Click here(PDF, 8MB) to read the May 2024 draft ADA Self Evaluation & Transition Plan and click here(PDF, 5MB) to download the Appendix.

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