Public Art Program

Public art and cultural programming are important to Alameda's cultural identity, diversity and history, and help to create a unique sense of place for residents, workers and visitors.

City Council Adopts Public Art Master Plan!(PDF, 7MB)  

The City Council has recently accepted the Alameda Public Arts Master Plan that thoroughly outlines the processes, roles, responsibilities, and funding mechanisms related to the commissioning, selection, placement, maintenance, and deaccessioning of public art in Alameda. 

Public Art Resources and Opportunities

Please click the links below for more information on programs and opportunities to promote public art in our community:

For more information about where to find public art in Alameda, the City has developed a user-friendly website dedicated to public art in Alameda. features an interactive map, allowing users to explore the existing public art in Alameda, as well as a series of photographs by Maurice Ramirez.

Questions and Public Art Mailing List

If you have any questions, or would like to join our public art mailing list for regular updates, please contact Walker Toma at 510-747-6897 or