Police Auditor

Mission/Purpose Statement

The Police Auditor’s goal is to independently and collaboratively work to promote community confidence in po­licing and accountability. The Auditor seeks to achieve this goal by working with all interested parties to ensure the Alameda Police Department is held to the highest standards and is in compliance with law and departmental policies. The Auditor’s work includes, but is not limited to, reviewing internal affairs cases and use of force inci­dents and confirming the Department conducts quality investigations, holding its employees accountable if a vi­olation of law or policy occurs. This work aims to increase transparency and the public’s confidence in the police department by publicly releasing monthly and annual reports, by making recommendations to the Department on best practices, and by working with the public to ensure the police department is treating all members of the community with the respect and consideration they deserve while also, meeting its public safety obligations.



Note: Alameda City Government is open and transparent.  Any written correspondence sent to the City may be deemed a public record which could be disclosed.


Police Auditor - Dr. Leigh Grossman