Climate Action and Resiliency Plan

Through adoption of its award-winning Climate Action and Resiliency Plan in 2019, Alameda has set an ambitious goal of reducing emissions by 50% below 2005 levels by 2030 and becoming carbon neutral as soon as possible. The CARP charts a course to achieve this goal through equitable improvements to transportation, buildings, energy use, and waste management. As a low-lying island city threatened by rising seas and increasing extreme heat and smoke days, we need to act boldly to keep Alameda safe for current and future generations. If we are successful, we will reduce Alameda's greenhouse gas emissions, increase quality of life on the island, and build a resilient, thriving city.

Realizing our vision will take all of us working together. Find ways you can take action by clicking on the “Take Action!” tab below. To track our progress, explore the CARP dashboard. The dashboard offers a deeper dive on key areas such as transportation, energy use and climate adaptation. You can download a PDF copy of the CARP by clicking the image to the right, and can explore many plans and documents related to climate action and resiliency by opening the "Related Plans and Projects" tab below. Additional resources and fact sheets in multiple languages are available under the “Details” tab.

To guide CARP implementation, Annual Reports are presented to City Council and Boards and Commissions to share progress in the previous year and set priorities for the coming year.

2021 CARP Annual Report(PDF, 2MB)

2020 CARP Annual Report(PDF, 1MB) and Appendix(PDF, 577KB)

Below is a list of plans and reports detailing what the City has done and plans to do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions:

It will take everyone working together to respond to the challenge of climate change and promote a healthier and more sustainable Alameda.  Check out a video of Alameda high school students explaining why climate action is important to them.

As a resident, there is a lot you can do now!

Energy Efficiency

  • Check out Electrify Alameda to learn about incentives for insulating your home and saving money on your utility bills.


  • Start taking public transport such as the free shuttle more often. Walk or cycle where possible and consider switching to an electric vehicle.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Buy fewer things and consume less. Recycle where available and reuse as much as possible. Demand a low carbon option in everything you consume, from clothes to food to energy.



  • Let your elected representatives (federal, state, and local) know if this issue is important to you.
  • Stay educated and talk to your neighbors. Learn about the issues locally and around the globe and connect with neighbors both old and young.

Wondering what a Climate Action Plan is anyway?  Read our Frequently Asked Questions(PDF, 257KB)

For a general overview and for a few sustainability tips, read our Climate Action and Resilience factsheet below:

English(PDF, 900KB)

Chinese(PDF, 994KB)

Spanish(PDF, 885KB)

Tagalog(PDF, 589KB)

Vietnamese(PDF, 491KB)

See our Glossary(PDF, 313KB) for definitions of key terms

Also check out a video explanation of the Climate Action Plan produced by Alameda high school students