Oakland-Alameda Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge

Aerial view of estuary looking west

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Alameda, in partnership with the City of Oakland and other stakeholders, is working to create a vastly improved estuary crossing for people biking and walking, knitting together the two cities across the estuary. A new, moveable bicycle/pedestrian bridge would create an easy-to-use, safe and enjoyable connection, filling the significant lack of walking and biking facilities between the West End of Alameda, Jack London Square, Downtown Oakland and beyond.

In 2009, the City issued the Estuary Crossing Study(PDF, 6MB), which evaluated 17 possible ways to facilitate a comfortable crossing for people walking, biking and taking transit. A bridge was the top long-term recommendation.

In early 2021, the Estuary Crossing Study: Detailed Feasibility and Travel Demand Analysis(PDF, 12MB) was published, which further explored a smaller set of crossing options and studied the technical feasibility of a bicycle/pedestrian bridge that meets the Coast Guard navigational requirements. The study concluded that such a bridge is feasible. As a part of this analysis, a spreadsheet tool(XLSX, 6MB) was also developed to compare the expected usage of different crossing options.  

With funding from the countywide transportation sales tax, the City is now developing a Project Initiation Document, which will position the project to receive funding for future phases, including construction.







  • Included in Alameda County Transportation Commission's Countywide Transportation Plan (Financially constrained list)



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