Alameda Point Adaptive Reuse Area Backbone Infrastructure

Updated February 17, 2023

For project inquiries contact:
Erin Smith, Public Works Director

Backbone infrastructure in Alameda Point’s Adaptive Reuse Area (Reuse Area) will be replaced with funding from the sale of buildings in the Reuse Area.  Projects will be implemented through the City’s Capital Improvement Program.
Five properties have sold to date, generating $31 million in revenue. On March 15, 2022 City Council awarded a construction contract to Andrew M. Jordan, Inc. DBA A&B Construction.

This first project will construct new EBMUD water facilities in Phase 1 Water Only Improvements (dashed purple lines), Phase 1 All Backbone Improvements (blue shaded streets) and Water Only Improvements in Phase 2 (pink shaded streets), as shown below: 
AP Backbone Infrastructure Image 2..png.jpg

All backbone infrastructure includes new sewer, storm, joint trench, street lighting, landscaping and new complete streets with 100% stormwater capture and bike, pedestrian and transit facilities. 
AP Backbone Infrastructure Image 3..png.jpg
Construction is underway and is expected through late summer of 2024.   Although we will work to minimize construction impacts, there will be planned road closures, detours and noise. The City and A&B’s construction team have done extensive outreach and coordination with the existing businesses directly impacted by the construction. 

Planned Road Closures:
• Saratoga, between W Midway and W Tower - road reopened
• W tower, between Saratoga and Pan Am Way - road reopened
• Pan Am Way, between W Midway and W Tower,currently closed through mid-May 2024
• W Midway, between Saratoga and Pan Amy, currently closed through July 2024
AP Backbone Infrastructure Image 4..png.jpg

An extensive pedestrian and traffic control plan will be maintained for the durations.  
Access to the Bladium will be off of Pan Am Way, just south of W Tower (near the Alameda Naval Air Station Museum).  Signage is in place.