Safe Routes to Schools Infrastructure Project

Updated August, 2023

To date, the Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools (SR2S) Program has completed school safety assessments (SSA’s) at eight school locations in the city of Alameda (listed below), and three more are now in development. The purpose of an SSA is to identify and evaluate the transportation safety issues around a school with the help of the school community, and to make recommendations to address these issues. All of Alameda’s completed SSA’s can be viewed here. This capital project will implement the more complex SSA recommendations for the eight schools listed below. Some examples of improvements types are: rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB) systems, curb extensions, and new crosswalks. The City’s long-term goal is to conduct and implement SSA’s at all of our public, charter, and private schools.

1.  Academy of Alameda
2.  (Amelia) Earhart Elementary School
3.  Edison Elementary School
4.  Franklin Elementary School
5.  Love Elementary School
6.  Maya Lin School
7.  Nea Community Learning Center
8.  Will C. Wood Middle School

~Image 1_Grand St 02_after.jpg  (Image 1:  Grand Street midblock high-visibility crosswalk with daylighting and concrete bulb-outs in front of Wood Middle School.)

2022 to 2024: Planning and design phase

2024 to 2025: Construction phase

In 2022, the City hired a consultant to evaluate and design the recommended improvements, and to prepare cost estimates. After the designs are complete, a contractor will be hired to build the improvements.

The City already reviewed the striping and signage recommendations from the eight school SSA’s, and installed the items that the City saw as applicable. The remaining recommendations, which are included in this project, require a mixture of, but are not limited to, data collection, warrant analysis, civil review, and funding considerations. It is up to the Consultant and City to determine what is appropriate to implement based on the exact conditions and available funds.

Past, planned, and proposed safety improvements for all Alameda schools, including this group of eight schools, are shown at the end of the Street Safety Around Schools Report (2021), in Attachment A: School Safety Assessments with City Notes. The Consultant will only consider the Proposed Improvements items from Attachment A. Listed past and planned improvements are shown on the maps for context.

Image 2_NEA ACLC. Third at RAMP_02 after.jpg

(Image 2:  High-visibility crosswalks with advanced limit lines for all four crossings at Third Street and Ralph Appezzato Memorial Parkway in front of NEA ACLC.)