Councilmember Jim Oddie



Jim Oddie has almost two decades of community service and local government experience in the City of Alameda. Jim currently serves as the District Director for our State Assemblymember Rob Bonta and works each day to help residents of Alameda solve problems and improve our quality of life. Jim moved to Alameda in 1997, and is a proud parent of two young adults who were educated in Alameda's public schools. Jim served as the first Chair of the City's Open Government Commission, ensuring government operated in compliance with the City's Sunshine Ordinance. He also served on the City's America's Cup Ad Hoc Committee, which was instrumental in bringing jobs and economic development to the Island during America's Cup 34. He spent nearly ten years as the treasurer of the Cantamar Homeowners' Association while living in Harbor Bay. Jim also served on Alameda Hospital's Finance and Management Committee, where he helped strengthen the hospital's finances and kept the ER open.

Jim grew up in the Chicago's suburbs where he worked hard alongside his parents to make a good home and give back to their community. He began his public service as a teenager when he served on the Bicycle Safety Commission in his hometown of Tinley Park, Illinois.

He went on to graduate from Indiana University with a degree in Finance and received his MBA from Loyola University in Chicago. Later, as a working parent, Jim earned his law degree from the University of San Francisco.

Note: Alameda City Government is open and transparent.  Any written correspondence sent to the City may be deemed a public record which could be disclosed.