Public Comment Guide for Zoom Meetings

Pursuant to Assembly Bill 362, codified at Government Code Section 54953, members can attend meetings via teleconference.  Public participation is being accommodated via Zoom (except for Closed Sessions and Public Utilities Board meetings).  Please be sure to have the most current version of Zoom and register using the link provided at the top of the agenda for the meeting you would like to attend.  Meetings have different Zoom links and registration is not always required.  Any requests for reasonable accommodations should be made by contacting the City Clerk's office at or 510-747-4800.

Zoom can be accessed by telephone or computer.  You must have a computer or mobile phone application to watch the meetings.  Anyone participating by computer must have a microphone or call in via telephone.

Please read the following instructions carefully.  When you wish to speak on an item, click on “raise hand” after the item has been called.  When it is your turn to speak, your name or telephone number will be called and you will be able to address the body.  Please be sure your device is not muted.  If you raise your hand after public comment has been closed, you will not be called. 

  1. Public comments using a computer via Zoom   
    • You may download the Zoom application or connect to the meeting via browser.  If using a browser, make sure you are using a current, up-to-date browser since certain functionality may be disabled in older browsers, including Internet Explorer.  You can test your connection here
    • You may be asked to enter an email address and name.  Please identify yourself so you can be notified when it is your turn to speak. 
    • If you watch the meeting via web livestream or broadcast, there is a delay.  If you switch to Zoom to comment, please turn off the web livestream or broadcast to prevent audio looping. 
  2. Public comments using a smart phone via Zoom
  3. Public comments via phone call only (no video connection)
    • Please call the phone number 669-900-9128 and enter the Meeting ID printed on the agenda. To indicate you wish to speak after an item has been called, dial *9 to raise your hand and *6 to unmute.

Written Comments

In addition to public participation via Zoom, members of the public can submit written comment, which will be included in the meeting record, but will not be read, except as noted below.   

City Council Closed Sessions

Public comment can be made via telephone.  Please note, the meeting ID differs from the Regular City Council meeting Zoom information and is under Section 2 of the agenda.  Public comment can also be submitted in writing to up to 30 minutes prior to the start of the Closed Session to be read into the record.  Any comments submitted earlier than 30 minutes prior to the meeting, will be included in the record, but will not be read.  

Viewing Meetings

Some meetings can also be viewed on the City Facebook pagelivestream, Comcast Channel 15 and AT&T Channel 99.  If you experience an issue watching a meeting, please email the City Clerk at


Any requests for reasonable accommodations should be made by contacting the City Clerk’s office ( or 510-747-4800).  City buildings are not open to the public during meetings. 

Town Hall Format:

Town Halls are also conducted via Zoom, but use a different format, which might include showing all participants and allowing comments.