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75000-2.png*20-year Officer with Master’s Degree = $171,489 + 264 hours of vacation + Lifetime Retiree Medical

Salary and Benefits




3% @ 50 for CalPERS ‐ Classic members
• Employee contribution: 15% 
• Retirement calculation: single highest 12 months of pay

2.7% @ 57 for CalPERS ‐ PEPRA members
• Employee contribution: 50% of normal cost
• Retirement calculation: average of highest 36 months of pay

Vacation Accrual


Active Employee Health Care Benefits

• Active Employee Dental Benefits City pays
     - $161.00 per month
     - 90% cost coverage, 50% orthodontist cost coverage

• Active Employee Vision Benefits
     - City pays 50% of premium

• Retiree Health Care and Dental Benefits
     - 1‐party fully paid benefits (10 year vesting period)
           • Employee contribution: 2% of Step 5 Officer Base Pay
• Sick Leave: 8 hours per month

• Life Insurance: $50,000.00

• Fitness Incentive: 10 hours of leave

• Sick Leave Incentive (for not using sick days during previous year): 20 hours of leave

• Bereavement: 40 hours for spouse/parent/child, 24 hours for all other immediate family

Review of Salary Schedule

Salary Schedule

Labor Agreement

Memorandum of Understanding

Lateral Incentives

• Hiring Incentive (limited time – terms apply)
     - $25,000 upon completion of California POST police academy
     - $50,000 upon completion of the Field Training Program

• 3% @ 50 for CalPERS ‐ Classic Members

• 2.7% @ 57 for CalPERS– PEPRA Members

• Reduced probationary period of 12 months (must have minimum 2 years of LE experience)

• Advanced salary step to meet or reasonably exceed current compensation

• Vacation accrual rate commensurate with years of service as a peace officer

• Additional 80 hours of vacation upon completion of 12 months of service for (minimum 5 years of experience)

• Year‐for‐year service credits (up to 10 years) to become eligible for Retention Pay

• 48 hours of sick leave upon hire (in advance of regular accrual of 96 hours per year)

Vacation Accrual 


Specialized Assignments


Specialized Assignments

APD is committed to fostering an environment that paves the path for personal and professional growth. We provide diverse training and roles in specialized assignments.

• Investigations
• Traffic Unit
• Major Accident Investigations Team (MAIT)
• Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT)
• Crisis Negotiations Team
• SWAT Team
• Canine Officer
• Marine Patrol Officer
• Range Staff
• Community Resource Unit 
• Defensive Tactics Team
• Field Training Officer
• Peer Support
• Honor Guard

Leadership Development

Leadership Opportunities 

The Alameda Police Department supports your pursuit of ongoing training, personal development, and career growth. APD is authorized 88 sworn positions, including a chief of police, two captains, six lieutenants, and fifteen sergeants. Our organization allows for specialized skill development and opportunities in front-line supervisor, mid-level manager, or executive leadership roles. 

Developing you as a leader is a priority to us. Patrol officers receive 10 hours of specialized training each month. The Alameda Police Department has supported several graduates from esteemed law enforcement institutes, including the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute and the Police Executive Research Forum Senior Management Institute. 

Additional leadership opportunities include: 

• Certified POST Academy Instructors
• Certified POST Background Investigators
• Taser Instructors
• Drug Recognition Experts
• Membership with the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstructionist
• Defensive Tactic Instructor
• First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor 
• Baton Instructor
• Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Expert (CPTED)
• Arrest and Control Instructor 
• Chemical Agent Instructor 
• Firearms Instructor  

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