Arts and Culture Resources

Below is a list of helpful links and resources for artists impacted by COVID-19.   Please contact us at with any suggestions for additional resources.

COVID-19 Guidance for the Arts Community

On October 15, Alameda County released a statement providing COVID-19 guidance for the arts community, including the following activities permitted to operate safety measures and limited capacities:

  • Visual and Performing Arts Camps for Youth (Capacity Restrictions) 
  • Dance, Movement and Other Fitness Classes (Indoor 10% Capacity; Outdoor and Open-Air with Capacity Restrictions)
  • Arts and Culture Museums (Indoor 25% Capacity; Outdoor and Open-Air with Social Distancing Restrictions)
  • Visual Art and Exhibition Retail Stores (Indoor 25% Capacity; Outdoor and Open-Air with Social Distancing Restrictions)
  • Performing Arts Recording, Live-Steaming and Broadcasting Events (Outdoor Only and No Audience)
  • Visual and Performing Arts and Cultural Gatherings for Attendees in Vehicles watching live or prerecorded presentations, performances and other forms of entertainment (Capacity Restrictions) 

Please click here for the full statement and guidelines.

Emergency grants for artists, musicians and authors

The following organizations provide emergency financial assistance to artists, musicians and authors.

Emergency loans:

Business and Worker Resources

  • Resources for Businesses, including webinars, loans, grants, tax credits, and other information for businesses impacted by COVID-19.  Many of these resources are also available to the self-employed.
  • Resources for Workers, who are missing work due to illness, caring for a family member, or reduced hours/layoffs.